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 In a thrilling collaboration with Riot Games, the masterminds behind the global sensation, League of Legends, Casio is unleashing two epic timepieces: the GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL. These cutting-edge watches capture the essence of this global online game phenomenon. League of Legends, a heart-pounding five-on-five competitive multiplayer game, allows players to control powerful champions in a quest to breach their opponents' base. Its diverse range of characters, captivating visuals, music, and content have catapulted it to worldwide stardom.

Now, brace yourself for the GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL watches. The GM-B2100LL is built on the foundation of the full-metal GM-B2100, featuring its iconic octagonal bezel. On the other hand, the GA-110LL boasts a distinctive three-dimensional dial. Both timepieces immerse you in the game's immersive world, with League of Legends details adorning the dial, case, and band.

The GM-B2100LL and GA-110LL retail at RM4,795 and RM965 respectively. These extraordinary watches will be available next week, 9th November on Casio E-Commerce Website and soon after at all authorised G-SHOCK stores, G-Factory, and dealers.