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Callie Revolutionises Skincare with the XOSOME Collection Featuring Innovative Immune Regulation Technology

Callie, a renowned Malaysian healthcare brand owned by Rentas Health, recently announced expansion of its product line from medical facial masks to include a revolutionary skincare collection named XOSOME.

7 Days Skin Revolution by Callie XOSOME Transformation

Driven by the visionary leadership of Kelly Teoh, Callie's key mission focuses primarily on enhancing general well-being with trend-setting products that empower everyday people with the assurance they need to succeed in the workplace, irrespective of age, or gender – XOSOME fulfils that aim to a tee being a strategically purposeful progression from masks to the lucrative yet highly competitive skincare industry.

Not only is this move expected to bolster its position in wellness but also customer confidence in the company too as it caters to a wider variety of needs.

Backed by a newly emerging and highly promising therapeutic science, the XOSOME Collection is set to elevate skincare to a benchmark level of anti-ageing rejuvenation that was previously only possible with micro-needle injections.

The secret? Exosomes — nano-sized regenerative bubbles containing proteins, growth factor lipids and nucleic acids that actively promote tissue healing, regeneration and repair at the cellular level whilst also regulating immune responses for added skin health.

This powerful anti-ageing solution harnesses a proprietary XOSOME blend to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin from within. Scientifically proven, it promises remarkable results — brighter skin in 7 days, a 32% improvement in skin elasticity, coupled with noticeable fortification of the skin barrier in 14 days, and a visibly more youthful complexion in as little as 21 days.

The XOSOME Collection will debut with a Serum and a Moisturiser, positioned and marketed as a truly revolutionary skincare solution for anti-ageing with the irresistible promise of timeless allure.

"We are genuinely thrilled to introduce the XOSOME Collection — a significant paradigm shift in skincare. Our commitment to scientifically proven ingredients and revolutionary technology reaffirms our dedication to offering transformative solutions for our customers," said Kelly Teoh.

In line with this renewed commitment to product innovation, Callie will be unveiling yet another game-changing skincare collection in February 2024 ­— a move that will further underscore the company's drive to broaden its market reach whilst also solidifying its position as a competitive high-powered industry pioneer.

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