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Cross-Border Collaboration for a Century: Master A-Tsung's Taro Pastry Joins the Golden Horse 60th Award Collection

 The 60th Golden Horse Awards will be held in November. "O-NONGS Baking Ideas," a well-established pastry shop in Taichung, has collaborated with the 60th Golden Horse Awards to launch a souvenir set called "Golden Horse Award 60th - Taro Panna Cotta." This souvenir set features high-quality desserts made with soft and fragrant taro, a specialty of Taichung, and is provided to the nominees and VIPs of the film festival.

Established in 1962, the Golden Horse Awards is the most prestigious Chinese-language film award. Each year, the prepared souvenirs for the nominees not only come in a wide variety but also represent different cities, showcasing local characteristics and international standards.

Master A-Tsung (Wu Tsung-Chao) has been engaged in the pastry industry since 1960, operating his brand for over 60 years. In the early days, his brand was known for baby cookies and butter pastries. In 1998, with the abundant harvest of taro in Dajia, Taichung, leading to oversupply and a drop in prices, Master A-Tsung created taro pastries to address the agricultural crisis. He was then hailed as the "Father of Taiwan Dajia Taro Pastry" and created a renowned economic chain related to taro. His products have been selected as designated diplomatic souvenirs on multiple occasions.

The Master A-Tsung brand focuses on using Taiwan taro to create pastry snacks. The Taro Panna Cotta, a collaboration with the 60th Golden Horse Awards, was previously awarded the champion in an online popularity contest and has received certification from the 2023 TCOD Taichung Original Design Awards. In response to the Golden Horse Awards' commitment to unity, a charity project has been incorporated, allowing consumers to enjoy delicious food while contributing to society and giving back to the community.

Wu Tsung-Chao, Chairman of O-NONGS Baking Ideas, expressed that it is a great honor to collaborate with the 60th Golden Horse Awards with over 60 years of baking experience. Insisting on using locally grown taro from Dajia, they created the "Tsung's Little Cake" with a multi-layer filling in the shape of taro. They also incorporated elements of the Dajia Mazu Temple to create the "Hu Guo Bi Min Bless Cake," which was previously selected as a designated diplomatic souvenir. This recognition from the Chinese film and television industry allows their pastries to achieve the ideal of "Rooted in Taiwan, Fragrant Around the World."

The Master A-Tsung brand is committed to sourcing local agricultural specialties, collaborating with charitable organizations, utilizing handmade boxes from Slow-Flying Angels, employing disabled employees to showcase their talents, promoting environmentally-friendly sustainable packaging materials, and establishing the Master A-Tsung Taro Culture Museum to embody the ideal of local knowledge learning. With the spirit of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), they continue to implement their corporate philosophy: "If making a cake can support a field, then we will continue to bloom and harvest in spring, summer, autumn, and winter."

Official website of O-NONGS Baking Ideas:

"O-NONGS FOODS CO., LTD." on the Taiwan Trade website.