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TROOPERS Malaysia Forges Strategic Partnerships to Elevate Event Industry and Champion Gig Worker Welfare

  TROOPERS, a trailblazer in event staffing solutions, is proud to announce a series of strategic partnerships that are set to redefine staffing in the events industry. This collaboration brings together TROOPERS and four distinguished event organisers, LOL Asia, Shiraz Project, Fresh Events Asia, and Hitman Solutions. The synergistic alliance not only aims to streamline event operations but also places a strong emphasis on elevating the welfare and recognition of event crew members who play a pivotal role in event success.

TROOPERS is an emerging job-matching platform that is committed to making positive changes in the gig economy landscape. TROOPERS formed strategic partnerships with LOL Asia, Shiraz Project, Fresh Events Asia, and Hitman Solutions to provide temporary work opportunities with these partners on its platform. The platform offers employers a simple, centralised recruitment source while ensuring better welfare for gig workers with clear records of engagement, transparent wages, and scope of work.

This partnership symbolises a collective determination to prioritise gig workers' welfare and provide them with a supportive and equitable work environment. The hiring of gig workers in the dynamic events industry often occurs informally and on an ad-hoc basis. With this collaboration, TROOPERS and its partners aim to set a new industry standard for ethical and equitable employment practices in the events industry and beyond.

Craig Goonting, Chief Operating Officer of TROOPERS said, "​​We are thrilled to partner with LOL Asia, Shiraz Project, Fresh Events Asia, and Hitman Solutions - it is an honour to work hand-in-hand with organisations that share a similar vision when it comes to protecting the welfare of part-timers. What’s truly important is the pressing need to ensure our gig workers are well compensated while being protected. We aim to work diligently to provide the best solutions to our partners and users alike.”

LOL Asia, Shiraz Project, Fresh Events Asia, and Hitman Solutions are renowned for their innovation and expertise in event management. Callum Meehan, Events Director commented, “We are excited about this collaboration and the benefits it will bring to our event crew members. Together with TROOPERS, we are committed to providing our valuable crew members with the tools and support they need to thrive in the gig economy.”

Adding to this sentiment is  Chief Growth Officer of TROOPERS, Ryo Lam who said, “We recognise the difficulties faced by our gig workers and we hope that our collaboration can be a game-changer for the gig economy landscape in the event industry.”

With this strategic partnership, TROOPERS, LOL Asia, Shiraz Project, Fresh Events Asia, and Hitman Solutions are heralding a new era of event excellence. By combining their strengths, knowledge, and resources, they are poised to drive innovation, professionalism, and inclusivity. This collaboration underscores the commitment to creating events that are not only flawlessly executed but also reflect a genuine concern for the individuals who make them possible.

“At Hitman Solutions, we believe in creating thriving opportunities and our partnership with TROOPERS marks our dedication to our gig workers, who are the backbone of our operations,” said Rishi Rampal of Hitman Solutions.

“TROOPERS is an innovative idea that is poised to be a game-changer in how we approach staffing in this industry. We are excited to be a part of this movement and hope to see our collaboration redefine success in the gig economy,” said Shirazdeen Abdul Rahim of Shiraz Project.

TROOPERS is an innovative solution to an age-old problem in many industries that have a high demand for temporary workers. Their collaboration with these renowned partners does not just transform the events industry by changing how hiring is done, it is also a disruptive force that demonstrates the need for a platform like TROOPERS while advocating for fair hiring practices in the gig economy.

"​​We want to go beyond traditional boundaries, leveraging cutting-edge technology to strengthen our commitment to gig worker welfare while still providing top-notch solutions to our clients and partners. As an industry leader, we are in a position to advise our clients on the best practices when it comes to engaging gig workers. We want to redefine and reshape the event staffing landscape and set new industry benchmarks,” added Craig Goonting, Chief Operating Officer of TROOPERS. 

TROOPERS invites and welcomes other entities keen to disrupt and improve the gig landscape through their hiring practices by partnering with TROOPERS to streamline staffing processes while fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

For more information about TROOPERS, please visit the website or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.