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5 Ways to Make the Galaxy Watch6 Series Exclusively Yours


Samsung Malaysia has made an easy way for you to customise the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic from the outside in, to make it your own unique brand! At the Galaxy Watch Studio , you have the flexibility to custom-build a special watch according to your style and preferences. In fact, the opportunities for customisation don’t end there. It’s just the beginning…

#1 Customise Your Watch Case

The Galaxy Watch6 is built from Armor Aluminium with a digital rotating bezel, while the Watch6 Classic is made from stainless steel with a rotating bezel. Both models offer a wide range of features and health tracking apps. Next, choose your case size. The Classic comes with a bigger display for those who want more visibility. Both models are available in Silver and Black. 

#2 Customise Your Strap

Experience a blend of the elegance of leather and the flexibility of fluoroelastomer with the Hybrid Eco-Leather strap with classic shades like Camel, Etoupe, Black and more. The easy one-click bands allow you to switch things up in a snap. Turn on the weekend vibes with sporty colours like Mint or Apricot or Violet. The fabric straps are designed for maximum comfort, so that you can wear it to sleep, not to mention the reflective yarn makes it easy to spot in the dark. For tough workouts, the sports straps are made for durability, while the perforations to ensure breathability.

#3 Customise Your Watch Face

Take personalisation to the next level with what you display on the watch face. Will you bring back the classics with an analogue face and chronograph? Flaunt a quirky theme? Or make it sentimental with a photo of a loved one? The Galaxy Watch6 Series has a ton of preset themes to choose from, but you can also opt to display your health stats or workout performance to always be on top of your wellness journey. On top of that, you can match your watch face design with your phone screen. 

#4 Customise Your Features

Customise your own commands to quickly launch your most used apps on the watch. The Galaxy Watch6 Series also functions as a camera controller when you’re taking selfies. Additionally, you can use services such as Samsung Wallet to make contactless payments conveniently from your wrist and not forgetting about the universal gestures where you can double pinch to answer, dismiss call and others. 

#5 Customise Your Wellness Plan

Connect your watch to Samsung Health and start customising your favourite fitness tracking features and workout programmes. You can track your BP, ECG, Body Composition , Heart Rate Zone, stress levels, and sleep patterns, and then create your own personalised plans to improve these areas of interest . For instance, you can follow a personalised sleep coaching programme to improve your sleep quality over time.

Style your fashion and fitness companion at the Galaxy Watch Studio today : 

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