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Enjoy Responsibly and Grab a Ride This Festive Season


Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) is offering a RM10 discount off Grab rides this festive season, advocating consumers to enjoy responsibly and opt foralternative transportation when they attend festive events and parties.

Committed to responsible consumption, HEINEKEN Malaysia will be giving out Grab ride vouchers from23 to 25 December to ensure that consumers can enjoy responsibly and get home safely at the end oftheir celebration. By keying in the promo code 'ENJOYRESPONSIBLY', consumers can redeem up totwo Grab ride vouchers to and from their event while stocks last.

Renuka Indrarajah, HEINEKEN Malaysia’s Corporate Affairs & Legal Director, said: "This festive seasonis an opportune time to gather with friends and family. Amid the celebrations, we want to remindconsumers to consume responsibly and not put themselves as well as others on the road at risk."

“Remember, When You Drive, Never Drink. As a progressive brewer, we are committed to advocatingresponsible consumption. These Grab ride vouchers aim to encourage consumers to do the right thingand take alternative transport when going out for a drink. At the end of the day, we want to ensure thatour consumers can relish the festivities and get home safely.” Renuka added.

Since 2010, HEINEKEN Malaysia has significantly invested in promoting responsible consumption, withan investment of over RM 9 million. Additionally, the Heineken® brand also allocates 10% of its annual media spend to further advocate for responsible drinking practices.

This Enjoy Responsibly campaign, is in line with Grab’s number one priority, safety. Grab believes inproviding a safe journey when and where people need it the most. Grab has always encouraged Malaysians to book Grab rides as an alternative to driving, whether it is for shopping, running errands, or even a night out. Grab is committed to being part of the solution to help people make safe choices.

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