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Make Magic With Every Swish & Stroke of the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen

 Wingardium leviosa! Want to get things done with the wave of a wand? The S Pen is your tool to make magic happen. Be it for productivity or leisure, S Pen is the trusty sidekick to the Galaxy S23 Ultra and comes embedded in the phone for absolute convenience.

Keeping the legacy of Note alive, S Pen ditches paper for digital note-taking like it’s 2023. With pinpoint precision like a pen to paper, you can write, draw, scribble, chart and sign on the screen. The screen’s response to the S Pen is such that every tap and swish is as fluid as the real deal – except this time, if you “spill” any “ink”, you can clean up your messes with a spell called Undo.

Now you have more ways to express yourself and create Epic work. Get into the tiny corners of your artwork or enjoy extra control when touching up your photos by zooming in or adjusting the S Pen tip size to make it super fine. 

Jot down important notes during meetings or even on the go and watch them turn instantly into text. Even cooler, S Pen can capture and save text, for example, you can highlight event information from a poster or video, then simply tap to save the date straight into your calendar . 


Apart from creating, you can navigate your screen and apps with S Pen abracadabra. Personalise your own Air Command shortcuts for faster workflow and a greater degree of control, making your busy lifestyle more convenient. Or use the Air Action remote control to capture photos, play music or videos, switch presentation slides and more, just by clicking the side button or with a simple mid-air gesture.

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