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Shopee Super Awards 2023: Where E-Commerce Meets Entertainment and Innovation

 Shopee Super Awards 2023 returned this year, celebrating the greatest and brightest stars of Malaysia’s booming e-commerce landscape. The red carpet awards show, held on 14 December 2023 at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, was hosted by Naz Rahman and Julie Woon, and featured star-studded performances by Dolla and Vanessa Reynauld. One of the biggest e-commerce awards in Malaysia, Shopee Super Awards shone a spotlight on brands and sellers who successfully transformed their businesses by taking live streaming and affiliate marketing by storm.

100 awards honoured beloved brands, homegrown sellers and outstanding talents that achieved exceptional growth in Shopee's marketplace by pushing the boundaries on innovation and delivering consistent quality. A 28-day voting period on the Shopee app in November allowed members of the public to vote for 25 award winners, whereas 75 non-voting awards were determined by platform data results across industry categories. 

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing at Shopee Malaysia said, "Shopee Super Awards 2023 proves the win-win relationship between online communities driving economic inclusion on e-commerce and Shopee’s role in enabling that, with their robust ecosystem of resources and valuable support. Our platform constantly empowers businesses to thrive in the digital economy — as evidenced by 98,000 new sellers joining our ecosystem this year —  especially with our free upskilling programs like Shopee University, Shopee Seller Summit, and KOL and Influencer Masterclasses. In fact, new local sellers to Shopee Live recorded ten times increase in sales and 16 times increase in orders this year compared to last year.”

Shopee Super Live Streamer Awards 

The Malaysian public was invited to cast votes all month November for Shopee sellers shortlisted for hosting the highest number of livestreams, achieving the highest livestream orders in their categories, and driving the highest live engagements and viewerships. The winners of Super Live Streamer awards who captivated audiences were:

Super Essentials Livestream Brand: MYDIN Malaysia

Super Fashion Livestream Brand: XES Shoes

Super Lifestyle Livestream Brand: STABILO Official Store

Super Electronic Livestream Brand: 70mai

Super Beauty Livestream Seller: KL-PHARMACY

Super Essentials Livestream Seller: PHINIX STORE

Super Fashion Livestream Seller: ELGINI APPAREL SDN BHD

Super Lifestyle Livestream Seller: JAYATECH

Super Electronic Livestream Seller: allblue5367

Shopee Malaysian-Born Brand Award

HABIB Official Store won over the most public votes nationwide for Shopee’s first ever Malaysian-Born Brand award. HABIB demonstrated exceptional customer value and service as a Shopee Mall Brand recognised for 100% authentic products, free 15-day hassle-free returns, free shipping and brand membership perks. 

Shopee Super Aspiring Brand Awards 

The Super Aspiring Brand winners outperformed their categories in sales growth this year by creating personalised engagements with Malaysian shoppers on Shopee Live and engaging Shopee Affiliates. They also tailored hyper localised and user-centric shopping experiences via Shopee’s Big Campaigns, Free Shipping and Coin Cashback programmes. 

Super Aspiring Brand - FMCG: SKINTIFIC

Super Aspiring Brand - Fashion: Zoe Arissa Luxe

Super Aspiring Brand - Lifestyle: Touch 'n Go Malaysia

Super Aspiring Brand - Electronics: DREAME

Shopee Super Seller Awards 

The Super Seller awards went to sellers who achieved the highest Shopee store profits year-to-date in their categories by skillfully doing new things with Shopee’s 360 Marketing Solutions, balancing always on and tactical strategies. These winners increased visibility and sales when shoppers cash out on peak season shopping deals during Shopee’s Big Campaigns (Shopee’s 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12 birthday sales):

Super Mobile & Smart Devices Seller: Spraygadget

Super Home Appliances Seller: The White Goods

Super Tech & Gaming Seller: Impulse Gaming

Super Fashion Apparel Seller: LAU THING HIM

Super Fashion Shoes Seller: Webee

Super Fashion Accessories Seller: Grimo

Super Beauty Seller: LONKOOM

Super Essentials Seller: Khairul Aming

Super Baby & Kids Seller: Momo House

Super Lifestyle Seller: MUSIC BLISS SDN BHD

Shopee Super Shopee Celebrities 

The Super Shopee Celebrity award recognizes individuals who have not only launched a store or product on Shopee in the past year, but also demonstrated consistent engagement through Shopee Live participation. These winners utilised promotions effectively and achieved strong sales performance, making them true stars of the Shopee ecosystem. This year’s acclaimed winners include Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, Zoey Rahman, Ceddy Ang, Dato’ Jovian Mandagie, Nuex Rosli, and Ainul Aishah, each inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and content creators with their dedication, innovation, and audience engagement.

Shopee Super Influencer Awards 

Shining a spotlight on exceptional talent, Shopee Super Influencer Awards recognized influencers who drove exceptional traffic growth (10% or more) with each campaign all year, lending credibility to local sellers and brands with quality content that resonates with Malaysians. These individuals had value-added postings with overwhelmingly positive engagement rates, zero dropouts, rapid growth in followers and reach:

Shopee Super Influencer: Nyokki Ho 

Shopee Super Influencer: Fateha

Shopee Super Influencer: Chang Yong 

Shopee Super Influencer: Hasha Shah

Shopee Super Influencer: Nurul Najiah Hassan

Shopee Super Influencer: Nurhasuna

Shopee Super Influencer: Afiqchii

Shopee Super Influencer: Toklez

Shopee Super Influencer: Dina Sallehuddin

Shopee Super Influencer: Sarah Mohd Shah

Shopee Super Affiliate Awards:  

Shopee Shopee Affiliates were honoured for connecting with Malaysian customers in trusted ways, providing genuine product recommendations and reviews, and driving traffic for local brands and sellers. Five Super Affiliate Livestreamers were distinguished for achieving the highest livestreams, orders, engagement and likes, and unique viewership throughout the year. In addition, five Super Affiliate Influencers earned their accolades by exceeding Average Daily Orders contribution year on year.

Shopee Super Affiliate Livestreamer: Norashikin Binti Abd Rashid

Shopee Super Affiliate Livestreamer: Ng Su Ling

Shopee Super Affiliate Livestreamer: Jacklyn Goh Seoh Hooi

Shopee Super Affiliate Livestreamer: Fadzilah Binti Abdul Jalil

Shopee Super Affiliate Livestreamer: Chew Shiau Yin

Shopee Super Affiliate Influencer: Puteri Syarlia Binti Sahfuzzaman

Shopee Super Affiliate Influencer: Norita Binti Omar

Shopee Super Affiliate Influencer: Indriana

Shopee Super Affiliate Influencer: Nurul Iman Binti Abdul Rahim

Shopee Super Affiliate Influencer: Syazwani Binti Md Saad

Recognizing Valued Partners 

For the invaluable support and dedication of partners who played a pivotal role in making the strengthening Shopee’s ecosystem, Shopee Super Partner Awards included Carlsberg, INNISFREE, KITSUI, Pernod Ricard, Signature Market, SKINTIFIC, and Vinda.

Shopee Rai Lokal - Breaking Barriers Online

Award winners were treated to a preview of the company’s inaugural documentary “Shopee Rai Lokal - Breaking Barriers Online”. The film features interviews with Edward Wong of HomeDecoStore, Felicia Tan of Mamami Shoppe, and Mohd Zaid of Lampu Cherita. They share their personal stories of overcoming obstacles, starting small, and achieving sustained growth in their respective fields.

“By sharing this documentary, we hope to inspire others to reach for their dreams online. We are also making it easy for Malaysians to shop locally by spotlighting super star sellers and capturing their stories,” said Soh