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Enjoy the blend of local coffee @ Borobudur

 For those who are a coffee connoisseur, it is time to hunt for a great coffee here in Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia is one of the places which supplies a good range of coffee beans in the world. 

Therefore, you will never regret if you include the Borobudur Tourism Village as one of your food hunting destination from the foot of the Menoreh Mountain. And in here, you can witness loads of coffee farm and one of the popular ones here is the Luwak Coffee. This time, we are recommended to try the Borobudur's Waroeng Coffee which is one of the famous outlet here as well. 

The coffee house here comes simply unique and packed with the cultural twist form Java. It is really a great ambiance with the local scene and one must try is also their traditional coffee which is made by the local barista here. In here, one can spot this old- fashioned coffee utensils which is used to brew your coffee. 

They also serve a variety choice of coffee here which includes the Argopuro Coffee which tastes lighter. Asides from this one can have the medium base coffee which is the Gayo Coffee. We learned a lot about the coffee and we are thought that how the coffee is brewed.  Asides, one can enjoy some fried bananas as well as fried tempeh. 

Asides that, one can enjoy a ride around the town with the horse where they will take you to witness the scenery of the Borobudur village

Balkondes Borobudur

Jl. Borobudur, Ngadiharjo, 

Borobudur, Sawah, Borobudur, Kec. Borobudur, 

Magelang, Jawa Tengah 56553