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Hong Kong 2023 : Ho Lan Jeng @ Central

 Nestled in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, Ho Lan Jeng, formerly known as 65 Peel, transcends traditional dining experiences by seamlessly blending a vibrant showcase of local craft beers with an exquisite culinary journey. The name, a playful nod to the Cantonese phrase expressing sheer delight, perfectly encapsulates the ethos of this establishment.

Ho Lan Jeng takes immense pride in spotlighting Hong Kong's local craft beer scene, featuring an extensive selection from renowned breweries like Citibrew and Moonzen. A testament to their commitment to the local brews, the menu unfolds a tapestry of options, with international offerings making a belated appearance. 

The cavernous interior, adorned with industrial-chic aesthetics, exudes an atmosphere where exposed concrete and beams converge with a bright neon sign and vibrant murals, creating a setting as eclectic as the beer selection.The gastronomic journey at Ho Lan Jeng is as impressive as its beer selection. 

Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio

Our adventure commenced with the Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio featuring aglio e olio, cordyceps flower, green bean noodles salad, and white garlic vinegar. The dish, a symphony of flavors, showcased plump scallops harmonizing seamlessly with the accompanying green bean noodles salad.

Poached French Duck Breast

The Poached French Duck Breast, served medium-well in Teochew brine alongside an orange, avocado & parmesan cheese warm salad, captured our attention with its tender, juicy meat, and delightful presentation.

Roasted Salmon Fillet in sweet soy sauce, accompanied by seared daikon, broccolini, and dried scallop enoki sauce

For the main course, the Roasted Salmon Fillet in sweet soy sauce, accompanied by seared daikon, broccolini, and dried scallop enoki sauce, delivered a culinary masterpiece. The juicy, flaky salmon, complemented by the flavorful daikon and generous portions of dried scallop enoki broth, left a lasting impression.

Slow-Cooked 24 Hours Iberico Char-Siu Rice

A signature dish, the Slow-Cooked 24 Hours Iberico Char-Siu Rice, featured aromatic pork fat spring onion oil, pickled red onion, and an onsen egg. The dish, praised throughout the town, showcased perfectly done char siu with tender, juicy meat, harmonizing impeccably with the onsen egg.

The gastronomic journey concluded on a sweet note with the Super Rich Creme Brûlée, presented "Chinese fermented bean curd, fromage blanc style," alongside crystal bread, figs compote, and mixed berries. The creme brulee, rich in flavor, provided a sublime ending to a remarkable dining experience.


2/F, LKF29, 29 Wyndham Street


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