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Jessica Jung First Solo Concert in Malaysia

South Korean singer Jessica Jung brought her solo concert, the Diamond Dreams Concert Tour to Kuala Lumpur on 13 Jan (Saturday)! The concert took place at Mega Star Arena and was co-organised by Sum Supreme Media, MSI Group, Bombear, 43, Ticatech and Cosense. This was her first visit to Malaysia since 2017, a large number of “Golden Stars” (Jessica’s fandom name) swarmed the concert with their Golden Start official lightsticks, which lately turned the auditorium into a golden sea.

Jessica kicked off her first solo concert in Malaysia with “Set Me Free”, “Summer Storm” and “Love Me the Same” which immediately liven up the atmosphere. The attendees chanted and yelled Jessica’s name to show their support and loves towards her. When came to “Love Me the Same”, Jessica performed a chair dance which surprised her fans and drew even more cheering and applause.

After interacting with fans, Jessica continued by singing “Because It’s Spring”, “Love U” and “Better Late Than Never”. She handed the microphone to the audience while singing the second song to invite them to sing along, and it turned out that she was “shocked” by the enthusiastic reaction of her fans. Jessica then gave a thumbs-up to indicate her approval to her fans.

Along with performing her brand-new song “Beep Beep”, Jessica also sang well-known songs like “Snap Shot”, “Wonderland”, and "Beautiful Mind”. Dazzling in a silver and sparkling garment, Jessica covered Rihanna’s “Diamond”. When the song came to an end, a fan shouted “I have a big diamond!” and showed Jessica her enormous diamond ring. Seeing that, Jessica wished all her fans could “spark like a diamond”.

The fans sang along with Jessica when she performed “The One Like You”, the OST of the K-drama “Cyrano Agency”. The Korean artis was impressed by the attendees. “I am so touching,” said Jessica in Mandarin. Also, Jessica greeted her fan who had a birthday that night, she even sang the fan a birthday song, which made other fans envious and they all exclaimed: “Today is my birthday too!” Jessica couldn’t help herself from laughing and said: “You guys are lying.”

During the encore session, Jessica gave a performance of “Get it? Got it? Good” and “Starry Night”. She said the staff overly tightened her belt after she finished singing, saying, “I would like to sing, and this makes me unable to take a breath.” Her fans then shouted “Untie the belt”. Jessica exclaimed, “You guys are so energetic and enthusiastic!”

As the singer doesn’t come to Malaysia often, her Malaysian Fans took this opportunity to express their love for her by making a surprise video. Jessica was stunned and moved when watching the video. After the video was played, Jessica was brought to tears. She said, “Thank you. I have nothing to give back to you, thanks for making this sincere video. She was so touched until could not speak a word, and her fans comforted her by yelling “Don’t cry”. Jessica grabbed a golden star ribbon off the stage and put it on her face to express her gratitude to the “Golden Star”.

When she had calmed down, Jessica played her last song of the night, “Fly”. She untied the overtightened belt and tossed it aside during the transition of the song. Fans erupted into laughter when she did that. Jessica concluded the concert by thanking all of her supporters before calling it a day.

For more information about the concert, please visit the official Facebook page and Instagram account of 43.

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