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Unboxing The Ninja Creami!


Let's dive into the world of frozen delights with the Ninja Ice Cream Maker. Upon unboxing, we find the contents securely packed, though some accessories are in plastic bags—disappointing, but the cardboard shell and box are recyclable.


Recipe Book and Pint Containers

Excitingly, the package includes a large recipe book and three one-pint containers with lids for mixing and storing ice cream. A thoughtful addition to enhance your ice cream-making experience.

Design and Features

The Ninja Ice Cream Maker breaks the mold with its sleek design, resembling a filter coffee machine rather than a classic ice cream maker. Despite its tall stature, it fits neatly under kitchen counters. Offering versatility, it features six settings: ice cream, gelato, sorbet, smoothies, light ice cream, and milkshakes. Additional buttons cater to mix-ins and a re-spin function.



Setting up this ice cream maker is a breeze, with intuitive guidance symbols for easy use. The machine boasts a variety of settings, and we put it to the test with classic vanilla ice cream, hazelnut gelato, lemon sorbet, and tropical frozen yogurt. The results are impressive, with smooth textures and delightful flavors. The machine, albeit loud, efficiently mixes the ice cream in about 2 minutes.


Cleaning the Ninja Ice Cream Maker is a cinch. Dishwasher-safe attachments (top rack only) simplify the process, and hand-washing is easy too. Pay attention to the metal bolt on the underside to ensure thorough cleaning. Unlike traditional models, cleaning is a breeze as everything remains within the containers, avoiding tricky nooks and crannies.

In summary, the Ninja Ice Cream Maker combines innovation and functionality, delivering excellent results across various frozen treats. Are you ready to elevate your dessert game?