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Celebrate CNY With Tamarind Group

 A symbol of authority, honor and dignity, Tamarind Restaurants embraces the much anticipated, year of the Dragon this Chinese New Year with a culinary expedition that stays true to the diverse cuisine of each establishment. From the oasis in the city of Tamarind Hill to a one of a kind, stylish hot pot dinner surrounded by the sounds of nature, each restaurant celebrates the joy of reunion and harmony with exceptional menus to impress.

Tamarind Springs' Sublime Creations

Nestled within the upscale neighbourhood of Ampang, be entranced by the visual allure ofTamarind Springs as you step into the restaurant. A dining experience akin to a resort getaway, find yourself surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature and serene greeneries.

Embark on a culinary journey with each item carrying a symbolic meaning, to foster prosperity and good fortune. Start off with the Trio of Appetizers which includes Crab Meat Parcels served with Plum Sauce that signifies wealth and move down the sumptuous spread made from premium ingredients to signify abundance. With 12 items on the Dynasty Delights set menu, be spoiled for choices when you dine in with friends and family.

FOOK's Auspicious Malaysian Contemporary Feast

Encapsulating the essence of Chinese New Year and the symbolism of lucky food, journey into the gastronomic experience of elevated fusion dishes at FOOK. Helmed by Masterchef of the Year, Chef Doul, relish in an auspicious feast that takes pride in local Malaysian cuisine with a western flair to start off the year. Discover a blissful blend of cultures in the menu such as the Harmony | Crispy Smoked Duck Mantou Sliders and Abundance | Deep-Fried Patin with Spicy Black Bean Sauce.

The Terrace at Tamarind Springs' Divine Jungle Luxe Hotpot The joy and happiness of the festive season continues at The Terrace at Tamarind Springs, a jungle luxe Thai Hot Pot restaurant with a myriad of fresh locally sourced ingredients that promises an absolute culinary delight. Indulge in a comforting Khao Soi soup (a Thai coconut and curry soup) that’s made up of a blend of spices, elevated with the complementing sweetness from the accompanying River Lobster, Lala and Cuttlefish. Truly a treat for all senses, The Terrace is the perfect setting for an intimate dining experience like no other.

Tamarind Hill's Symphony of Flavours

Seek respite in an oasis in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s bustling city centre. One of the firsts in the city to serve Thai Burmese cuisine, Tamarind Hill boasts numerous accolades and is a Michelin Selected restaurant since their induction in Malaysia. To welcome the year of the Dragon, our team of Thai chefs has meticulously crafted a 9-course menu, making an ode to the century old Chinese cuisine while seamlessly blending it with the bold flavours of Thai Burmese cuisine. From rendition of the classic favourite, Soy & Ginger Steamed Grouper to the unassuming Century Egg & Wild Celery Salad with Crispy Potatoes, every dish is a highlight on its own.

Prosperity Yee Sang: Tamarind Restaurants

Tamarind Restaurant celebrates the Chinese New Year feasting with a housemade Yee Sang, a symbolic dish heralding prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. Beautifully wrapped in a custom made octagonal box to symbolise wealth, the Properity Yee Sang is made to order and is available for takeaways or dine in and is perfect for giftings.

Valentine’s Day

The festivity is not over across the restaurants, as we dial up the romance for Valentine’s Day in February. Expect to see local flavours reimagined and exciting menu pairings in the 5-day celebration of love.

Each Tamarind Restaurant crafts a unique narrative, inviting guests on a cultural and culinary exploration. As the festive spirit envelops, these culinary destinations stand as epitomes of excellence, offering unforgettable experiences that embody the essence of the season. Join this culinary odyssey and relish the diverse delights awaiting across Tamarind Restaurants' varied offerings.

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-End Prices

Dynasty Delights

● RM168++ per person | Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

● RM 288++ | Food & Free Flow of Beer and Wine

● RM 388++ | Food & Free Flow of Beer, Wine and Sparkling Wine

*Minimum order of 2 persons per set

Prosperity Yee Sang

● RM 88++ | Small (serves 2 to 4 persons)

● RM108++ | Large (serves 5 to 8 persons)

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