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Get the Most Out of Your Galaxy A15 and A25 5G: Tips for Maximizing Samsung Wallet Rewards


With the introduction of Samsung Wallet on the Galaxy A15 and A25 5G, users can now access a host of benefits and rewards right at their fingertips. Let's explore some savvy strategies to make the most out of Samsung Wallet on these affordable yet feature-packed smartphones, available for as low as RM999.

Explore Exclusive Deals

Samsung Wallet on the A15 and A25 5G opens up a world of exclusive deals and discounts, making life more affordable than ever before. As the most affordable phones in the series to offer Samsung Wallet, these devices provide users with unparalleled access to money-saving features. By simply tapping to pay with Samsung Wallet, users can earn valuable Samsung Points with every transaction. These points can be kept and redeemed for exciting rewards, including 1-point vouchers and weekly Monday vouchers , offering additional savings on a variety of products and services. Imagine using Samsung Wallet on your Galaxy A15 and A25 5G to tap to pay for Tealive and then redeeming your weekly Monday voucher for a RM10 off voucher  from today until 3 March 2024! With this innovative feature, smart spending becomes effortless, eliminating the hassle of carrying physical cards or cash while allowing you to save money with every purchase.

Earn Up to RM720 in Rebates per Year

Starting from just RM999, A15 and A25 5G allow users to earn up to RM720 in rebates per year through Samsung Wallet. Every transaction made using Samsung Wallet earns you points, which can accumulate quickly, especially for everyday purchases like groceries, dining, and transportation. These savings not only translate into getting deals but can also become rebates for you to shop your next Samsung product online . By using Samsung Wallet via the affordable, awesome value for price A15 and A25 5G, users can progressively save to get Samsung flagship devices too. These rebates can then be used to offset future purchases, effectively lowering the overall cost of owning the device . With consistent usage, you'll be surprised at how much you can save over time, making every ringgit count towards your next purchase or adventure.

Digitize Your Loyalty Cards

Simplify your wallet and streamline your shopping experience by digitizing your loyalty cards with Samsung Wallet. Scan and store your loyalty cards in the app to earn points and rewards seamlessly, without the hassle of carrying physical cards. Whether you're earning points with your favourite coffee shop or collecting rewards at your local grocery store, Samsung Wallet ensures that you never miss out on valuable benefits.

With all these perks accessible on selected Galaxy smartphones, starting with the Galaxy A15 and A25 5G from as low as RM999, there's never been a better time to unlock savings and enjoy the convenience of Samsung Wallet. Start maximizing your rewards today and make every ringgit count!

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