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Moomoo Launches All-in-One Investment Super App in Malaysia


Moomoo, the cutting-edge all-in-one investment super app officially launched in Malaysia today. With the mission of promoting local financial innovation and empowering users, the company will provide Malaysian investors with a professional, reliable and innovative digitalised investment experience.

Committed to Technological Innovation and Financial Inclusion: Driving Malaysia's Financial Digitization

Futu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. ("Moomoo MY") is among the first global digital brokerage firms granted the Capital Market Services License by the Securities Commission Malaysia ("SC"). This license allows Moomoo MY to offer securities and derivatives trading and clearing services for both. The company held a grand opening ceremony in Kuala Lumpur today. The event was attended by Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift, CEO of Bursa Malaysia; Robin Xu, Senior Partner, Senior Vice President and Head of Southeast Asia and Oceania of Futu Holdings Limited; Ivan Mok, CEO of Moomoo Malaysia; and Dennis Jee, COO of Moomoo Malaysia, among other senior executives.

"Moomoo's entry into Malaysia underscores our dedication to empowering various financial markets through technology. Guided by our mission of 'Making investing easier, not alone,' we strive to promote information equality, accessibility, and value creation within Malaysia's dynamic economy. Through technology, we aim to promote information equality, making investment and wealth management more accessible, and creating value for local investors and capital markets. Malaysia's dynamic economy, coupled with recent policy support, has seen rapid development in its capital markets. With Moomoo's participation, we hope to inject even more dynamism into the market. As an investment platform connecting 21 million retail investors globally, we envision collaborating with exchanges, regulatory bodies, and partners in the visible future to become the gateway, connecting Malaysia's investment products to global capital and investors." said Robin Xu, Senior Partner and Senior Vice President of Southeast Asia and Oceania at Futu Holdings Limited.

"Malaysia with a relatively young population has seen a growing interest in self-directed investing. The country's commitment to technological development and innovation led us to choose it as the second destination for expanding our presence in the Southeast Asia after Singapore. With Malaysia's flourishing fintech landscape and supportive regulatory framework, there exists a clear demand for innovative investment solutions. We are confident that we can replicate the success we have seen in Singapore here and work hand in hand with investors and market participants to further enhance Malaysia's capital markets and financial infrastructure competitiveness on both the regional and international stage." Xu added. 

Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift, Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia Berhad, welcomed Moomoo MY’s entry into Malaysia, and as a Participating Organisation of the Exchange. "In today’s technology-driven market, it is important that the industry leverages data and digital tools to make investing more accessible and efficient. Investors want choice, and we encourage all Participating Organisations to harness the power of new technologies to enhance investing experiences for investors, and to promote greater financial inclusivity in Malaysia. We commend Moomoo MY for the launch of its innovative investment app in conjunction with its entry into Malaysia.”

Breaking Down Barriers: Democratising Investment Opportunities

In addition to empowering local financial infrastructure, Moomoo Malaysia is also committed to making it easy for every investor to start their investment journey and secure their financial future. Through a suite of cutting-edge, pro-level analytical tools including Heatmap, Stock Screener, Institutional Tracking, and Market Monitor, Moomoo transforms the investment landscape through technological innovation. 

Malaysian investors now have access to moomoo, which offers an extensive range of features including access to over 1,000 Malaysian and 9,000 US stocks, ETFs, AI-powered analytical tools, research resources, advanced charting capabilities, real-time data, and breaking news sourced from over 150 top media agencies – all directly within the moomoo platform. Moomoo MY universal account holders will have complimentary access to Level 1 MY stock 3 market depth and Level 2 US stock 60 market depth quotes. The platform will also offer zero-commission trading  on stocks and ETFs for both Malaysia and US markets for a limited time period. 

Ivan Mok, CEO of Moomoo Malaysia emphasized, “Our users benefit from unrestricted access to pro-grade tools and resources, typically associated with premium services. This reinforces our commitment to levelling the playing field, making self-directed investing simple, easy, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.”

Empowering Financial Inclusion and Literacy

Beyond delivering a better and seamless trading experience for its users, Moomoo MY is dedicated to advancing financial literacy by offering an extensive array of over 600 complimentary investment courses through Moo Learn. This commitment ensures that both novice and experienced investors have access to valuable educational materials to enhance their expertise and remain ahead of industry trends. 

Another distinctive feature is moomoo’s vibrant online community, which connects over 1000 experts and key opinion leaders within a global investing community of over 21 million members. The Moo Community acts as a hub for collaborative learning, enabling participants to exchange investment ideas, insights, and experiences, fostering mutual support for growth and development.

“Moomoo seamlessly combines accessibility and a comprehensive suite of tools and educational resources, to provide an investment experience that breaks through traditional boundaries. Our platform is tailored to transform the way people invest, and empower Malaysian investors with the tools and resources they need to not only participate, but succeed in the financial markets.” Said Dennis Jee, COO of Moomoo Malaysia.

Exclusive Promotions for Malaysian Investors

To mark its official launch, Moomoo MY is rolling out exclusive promotions and perks for Malaysian investors. Between now and March 31, 2024, new users  who successfully open a Moomoo MY universal account and deposits a total of RM8000 will be eligible for a free Apple share . Those who successfully open a Moomoo MY universal account with a cumulative deposit of RM500 will receive RM100 cash rewards . 

On top of that, traders who execute at least one transaction using their Moomoo MY universal account during the promotion period, will receive one month of free access to Level 2 MY market data. Users can accumulate up to 6 months of complimentary Level 2 MY market data during this time .

Malaysian investors can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start their investment journey with Moomoo. For more information on Moomoo Malaysia and its services, please visit