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RM20.5 Million raised in Support of Better Education and the Environment

 Carlsberg Malaysia's flagship community engagement programme - Top Ten Charity Campaign (Top Ten) has made a heartwarming return after a 3-year hiatus. With encouraging support and generous donations from all involved, it has delivered a meaningful impactto 10 vernacular schools with a total of RM20.5 million education funds raised. True to its mission of'Brewing For a Better Today & Tomorrow,' Top Ten has not only extended its reach to Sabah, but also reinforces the Company’s pledge to supporting education and climate action in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

“We are humbled and touched by the overwhelming generosity of the community, and the achievement would not have been possible without the contributions of our communities who have demonstrated their passion for education and the environment. It is a testament to the power of collective action and underscores our shared dedication to fostering positive educational change. We are truly moved by what can be accomplished when people come together for a better today and tomorrow,” commented Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

Going beyond quality education, another significant highlight this year was Carlsberg Malaysia's bid to champion environmental consciousness and promote sustainability education. To achieve this, the brewery partnered with Zero Waste Malaysia (ZWM) to raise awareness of the significance of waste management and foster positive change towards a cleaner and greener environment in schools via talks conducted in all 10 schools.

“We constantly pursue perfection in brewing, and strive to innovate in our way of engaging with our communities by expanding and elevating the Top Ten campaign,” added Clini. “Through this initiative, we aim to empower local communities through education and raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability. We strongly believe that with education and awareness, we can create a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future generation, one that is built on a foundation of sustainable practices and responsible stewardship of the environment.”

A standout achievement from the recently concluded charity drive was SJKC Sin Ya in Penang, with a staggering RM7.8 million raised to expand facilities and build infrastructure for the school. It is, to date, the largest amount of proceeds raised in a single charity concert in Top Ten history. Another encouraging result was the two schools in Sabah, SJKC Syn Hua and SJKC Lahad Datu Middle School, which collectively raised RM1.8 million.

According to Beh Khoon Seng, Principal of SJKC Sin Ya, Penang, “Top Ten is an exceptional platform that has succeeded in bringing together compassionate individuals to make a significant impact on education. It provided us with much-needed support and resources throughout the fundraising activities. It has also gone a step further by inspiring students to become aware of the importance of environmental protection and our teachers to instil environmental consciousness in their teaching.”

"Top Ten's unwavering assistance to our school has been truly inspiring. Their support in raising awareness and coordinating efforts has helped us surpass our goal of RM600,000, raising a significant amount of RM1,111,111.11. The success of the event demonstrates the power of community support. We are confident that our grassroots school will continue to thrive and inspire generations to come,” commented Tan Cheng Teng, Chairman of Lahad Datu Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Lahad Datu Middle Schools, Lahad Datu. 

Adding to that sentiment, Lim Kim Leong, Principal of SJKC San Yuk, Rawang said, “Our school was able to successfully reach our fundraising goal of improving and enhancing school facilities through Top Ten. We are grateful for the assistance provided by Carlsberg. Their support was instrumental in making the event a success, as it helped us overcome significant logistical and publicity challenges. We are proud to have collaborated with Carlsberg in our fund-raising drive, and we are now able to allocate more resources towards improving school facilities, which will benefit our students .”

Since 1987, Top Ten has contributed to the development of vernacular education in Malaysia throughits fundraising platform to support school infrastructure upgrades, educational assets and programmes. Over the past 37 years, the initiative has raised a remarkable sum of RM568 million, benefiting a total of 684 schools across the country.

As the Top Ten Charity Campaign continues, Carlsberg Malaysia invites everyone to join in the cause, emphasising the collective responsibility to create a better today and tomorrow for all.

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