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Sarirasa Group Celebrates Culinary Diversity and Cultural Traditions with GOPEK

 In commemorating its 50th anniversary, Sarirasa Group reflects on a journey deeply entrenched in celebrating Indonesia's diverse culinary traditions. From its inception, Sarirasa Group has dedicated itself to introducing, honouring, preserving, and promoting the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia. Today, it stands as a symbol of authenticity, innovation, and cultural celebration, embodying the essence of Indonesia's vibrant culinary landscape.

"With a history deeply rooted in showcasing diverse culinary traditions, Sarirasa Group has long been recognized for its commitment to representing various religious festivities such as Chinese New Year, Ramadhan, and Christmas through a unique array of menus" says Lavinia Siswadi, Head of Marketing at Sarirasa Group. "Our commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting cultural exchange through food has been at the heart of everything we do."


In 2017, Sarirasa Group expanded its culinary repertoire with the launch of GOPEK, a concept dedicated to celebrating the vibrant diversity of Peranakan cuisine. This marked a pivotal moment for Sarirasa Group, transitioning from its previous focus on showcasing Indonesian cuisine from regions like Java and Bali.


Peranakan cuisine, a delightful blend of Chinese and local flavours, is a treasured part of Indonesia's culinary mosaic. GOPEK was born to promote authentic Chinese-Indonesian Peranakan cuisines that have been part of everyday life but often go unnoticed. These Peranakan dishes include Noodles, Fried Rice, Siomay and others. Through GOPEK, Sarirasa Group shines a light on the authentic tastes and cultural heritage of Chinese-Indonesian Peranakan cuisine, often overlooked yet profoundly influential.

More than just a dining experience, GOPEK acts as a cultural bridge, recognizing the significant role of Chinese heritage in shaping Indonesia's culinary scene. With each dish, diners embark on a sensory voyage through Indonesia's diverse cultural tapestry, where tradition meets innovation in every flavorful bite. GOPEK's immersive approach celebrates Peranakan flavours while deepening appreciation for Indonesia's rich cultural diversity and culinary legacy.

With a mission to educate and introduce local food enthusiasts to Peranakan culture, GOPEK offers a diverse menu featuring comfort foods that evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. From Mie Ayam (Noodles served with Minced Chicken) to Bakso (Beef Meatballs), GOPEK's menu is a celebration of Indonesia's culinary heritage.

In 2019, Sarirasa Group expanded its Peranakan concept with the establishment of Gopek House, highlighting authentic Indonesian Peranakan dishes found in homes nationwide. From Bistik Daging (Beef Steak) to Ayam Goreng Mentega (Fried Chicken in Butter Sauce), Gopek House serves up classic comfort food reminiscent of traditional Peranakan cooking.

Through GOPEK, Sarirasa Group aims to enrich the culinary landscape by not only introducing new flavours but also sharing the stories and history behind each dish. For example, in Chinese culture, noodles and eggs are essential dishes during birthday celebrations. Noodles symbolize happiness and continuous prosperity, with long noodles representing longevity. Therefore, it is believed that consuming noodles on one's birthday ensures a long life.

Similarly, the significance of Bakcang in Peranakan culture reflects the blend of the Hokkien dialect commonly used by Chinese-Indonesians. Bakcang, consisting of "bak" (meat) and "cang" (to contain), traditionally contains fillings such as chicken, pork, or beef. However, modern variations may include vegetables, mushrooms, or salted egg yolks. Wrapped in bamboo leaves and shaped into rectangular prisms, Bakcang symbolizes tradition and heritage.

As Sarirasa Group celebrates its 50th anniversary, it looks forward to continuing its mission of celebrating culinary diversity and promoting cultural exchange through food. Through a passion for culinary innovation and a dedication to cultural preservation, the Sarirasa Group remains committed to sharing the flavours and stories of Indonesia with the world.