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Build nutritional foundation for long-term higher IQ and EQ beyond 5 years!

 Malaysia’s #1 expert-recommended formula milk brand Enfagrow A+ is leading the way to empower parents and educators to optimise their children’s potential with a holistic approach to brain development during early childhood. Through preschools and daycare centres in the Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang, the brand aims to reach out to more than 2,000 kids with the Enfagrow A+ Screening Tour, which will run from January to March 2024. This initiative emphasizes the significance of supporting holistic brain development before the age of 5.

In line with MOE’s effort in nurturing future generations with 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, communication skills or EQ that are needed to survive today’s challenging world as stated in National Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, the Enfagrow A+ Screening Tour helps parents better understand the importance of supporting their children’s holistic brain development at early age, and to offer insights and knowledge on how to further activate their children’s potential and nurture them to be future-ready. 

Dr. Cheah Pike See, Anatomist Neuroscientist and Associate Professor from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), explained that the first few years of a child’s life is the most crucial time for his or her brain development. “90% of brain development takes place before the age of 5! During this period, the brain develops connections faster than at any other time in their lives, making it the best opportunity to build a strong foundation for learning, health, and behaviour in the subsequent stages of growing up”. 

She encourages supporting both IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) development as it helps foster better problem-solving skills, ability to learn and comprehend quickly, build positive relationships, as EQ is found to be a more significant predictor of a child’s future success than IQ.

The tour in Klang Valley found that majority of the children took more than 1 minute to complete the Processing Speed game and do not get full scores at Level 2 of the card sorting game. Kids that are fed with MFGM have shown to have a faster processing speed comparatively. As these games were designed to help evaluate cognitive flexibility and learning skills in early development, they tell parents how their children’s potential could be enhanced further.   

According to Dr. Cheah, intellectual growth is also influenced by brain development, in which nutrition plays an important role. “Our kids’ brain development is linked to what we feed them. That is why we should prioritize giving them the right nutrients to help stimulate their brain cell connections, resulting in long-lasting benefits that allow them to be future-ready beyond 5 years of age,” explained Dr. Cheah.

“Parents and educators need to be especially aware of this during children’s formative years, as it helps to lay the foundation for their little ones’ future success. Children’s learning and cognitive development can be supported with the right nutrition such as MFGM and DHA. This contributes to their intellectual, emotional, and social abilities so that they can get a head-start in life,” she continued. 

MFGM produces neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) that carry information from one brain cell to another, helping to regulate mental abilities, emotions, and moods. Research shows children who consumed MFGM-enriched milk formula had significantly higher mental performance on the Full-Scale IQ composite. They had a higher brain processing speed and were faster at encoding information and making visual discriminations. When engaged in the card sort evaluation which is designed to assess rule learning and cognitive reasoning flexibility, children fed with MFGM-enriched milk formula also obtained higher scores in all 3 levels of the sorting task.

Combining MFGM and the expert-recommended level of DHA can provide 2X benefits to support children’s holistic brain development for the long term. Enfagrow A+ is the first brand in the market to offer children’s milk formula with expert-recommended DHA levels and MFGM PRO that is proven to provide long-term higher IQ and EQ development beyond 5 years! 

How fast is your child’s brain processing speed?

Enfagrow A+ encourages parents to take the first steps towards enriching their children’s learning ability through its online processing speed game, which is available on Enfagrow A+ website ( for parents to play together with their child at home.  Find out how fast your child can comprehend and response to instructions, and consult your paediatricians to discuss your child’s brain performance today! 

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