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CzipLee Unveils Flagship Store at Bangsar Village II in Celebration of Modernised Heritage

  CzipLee (集利), a beloved institution of 56 years in Malaysia's stationery and creative community, is proud to announce the opening of its newest flagship outlet in Bangsar Village II. 

The newly launched store spanning 4,970 sq. ft. reinforces CzipLee’s commitment to providing unparalleled creativity, inspiration, and community engagement.

“The opening of CzipLee Bangsar Village II marks a significant milestone for us, as we had to divest our cherished two-storey corner lot property in Jalan Telawi for strategic reasons. This led to the opening of our premium concept store CzipPlus in 2023, and finally, the unveiling of our flagship store in Bangsar Village II this year.

"At CzipLee, we're not just opening a new outlet, we're returning to our roots. Our decision to launch CzipLee in Bangsar Village II was inspired by our deep-rooted connection to the Bangsar community and our desire to create a space where creativity thrives," said Jason Chen, Executive Director of CzipLee

CzipLee has long been synonymous with quality stationery, artistic treasures, and a passion for nurturing creativity. With the launch of its flagship outlet, CzipLee aims to reinvigorate the essence of its iconic Bangsar store while embracing a modernised heritage concept that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. 

Now, CzipLee proudly boasts a total of four outlets, including its first establishment in Kajang, the renowned CzipLee Southkey in Johor, and the premium concept store, CzipPlus located at Jalan Telawi.

From left to right: Audrey Chew, Founder of Loka Made, Lee Swee Lin, Founder of manekNya, Jason Chen, Executive Director of CzipLee, Alvin Chen, Executive Director of CzipLee, and Roy Anandthan Padiachee, Project Director of The Melaka Chetti Kitchen

What’s New In Store

The new store showcases a meticulously curated assortment of stationery delights, office essentials, and artistic gems sourced across European and Asian continents. Brands like Rhodia, Lamy, Jacques Herbin, and Clairefontaine grace the shelves alongside favourites such as Chung Boon Enterprises (CBE), KOKUYO, Pilot, Stabilo, and Uni-ball, among others. CzipLee’s diverse range of products caters to everyone from children to professionals, promising something delightful for every customer.

Patrons can immerse themselves in unique experiences such as the thoughtfully curated journaling corner, presented by Sumthings of Mine, a specialty store that focuses on journaling stationery and lifestyle products. Visitors can also embark on a journey of creativity at our first Paper Atelier section in collaboration with Clairefontaine, where a diverse selection of papers, vibrant coloured sheets, and elegant envelopes await to fuel one’s imagination.

Additionally, customers of CzipLee Bangsar Village II will find the perfect tools for their creative endeavours, along with an exclusive collection of magazines, children’s books, fiction, and non-fiction books from Cicada Books, Smith Street Books, Thames & Hudson, Times Reads, Buku FIXI, Gerakbudaya, and more which are meticulously tailored for enthusiastic readers.

From left to right: CzipLee’s curated selection of fiction and nonfiction books; Paper Atelier -  boasting all types of papers, coloured, envelopes; Diverse selection of colourful stationery

Modern Heritage Design

At CzipLee Bangsar Village II, the interior design ethos reflects a modernised retro aesthetic, seamlessly blending old-world charm with contemporary elements. 

Incorporating upcycled materials from former CzipLee stores, the design preserves heritage while embracing innovation, creating a unique ambience that transports patrons back to the ambience of the then-CzipLee Bangsar store and traditional stationery shops. 

“Notably, the payment counter out front mirrors the service style of a ‘Sekolah Kebangsaan’, ensuring upfront and efficient customer service. We upcycled the signature medicine drawers and updated the countertop to suit the modern retro feel from our Southkey, Johor outlet, adding a touch of nostalgia to our establishment. We also prioritised sustainability efforts by upcycling the existing lights from the previous tenant to make the centre of the store mirror that of natural lighting, akin to a retro courtyard.

“In support of our artistic community, we have also upcycled Drewfunk’s art piece which used to be a central feature at our other concept stores. We also invited Nestwo to create a graffiti crane for this store,” added Alvin Chen. 

Most Child-Friendly Store in CzipLee’s History

With a focus on inclusivity, the store features a children-friendly atmosphere characterised by playful tiles and vibrant colour schemes, inviting children and families to explore and enjoy the space together.

“We hope to create family-friendly cardboard play areas within the mall, inspired by artisan craftsmen.” 

“The cardboard theme is already being implemented in our children’s section which has seen good traction amongst families as it is something out of the ordinary,” said Jason Chen, Executive Director of CzipLee.

Fostering Malaysian Partnerships

Since its establishment, CzipLee has continuously been an advocate for local publishers, artists, and small businesses. Patrons can look forward to curated selections from Atom & The Dot, Craftiviti, The Nurts, and many more.

In line with the launch, CzipLee is proud to announce its collaboration with local artisans and vendors who share its commitment to preserving heritage and supporting the local market. This diverse offering reflects CzipLee's dedication to providing quality products that meet various artistic and creative needs, all while championing local talent and businesses.

Among the collaborators is Loka Made, a creative brand that celebrates the essence of Malaysia through its unique range of products. Founded in 2015, Loka Made infuses elements of fantasy and creative imagination into its offerings, which include pop-up cards, postcard series, stickers, magnets, keychains, and greeting cards. 

Their commitment to showcasing Malaysia's cultural diversity aligns perfectly with CzipLee's vision of promoting modernized heritage. 

"These products serve as modern interpretations of our heritage, allowing customers to appreciate and celebrate our cultural traditions in their everyday lives," says Audrey Chew, Founder of Loka Made.

Also joining forces with CzipLee is manekNya, known for its expertise in crafting handcrafted items adorned with intricate beaded embroidery, drawing inspiration from the vibrant Peranakan culture.

Lifestyle items such as footwear, iron-on patches, bucket hats, and totes are incorporated with traditional beading techniques to ensure that the Peranakan heritage continues to thrive and remain relevant in today's world. 

“With a mission to empower artisans from under-represented communities, we create products with a meaningful message of cultural preservation, and promote our heritage through various initiatives such as workshops and events," stated Lee Swee Lin, Founder of manekNya. 

Furthermore, the collaboration extends to The Melaka Chetti Kitchen, represented by the Melaka Chetti Heritage Association of Malaysia (MCHAM). Committed to preserving the rich legacy of the Melaka Chetti community, MCHAM spreads awareness about their history, culture, and traditions. 

Roy Anandthan Padiachee, Project Director of The Melaka Chetti Kitchen and Deputy President of the Melaka Chetti Heritage Association of Malaysia (MCHAM) expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "This collaboration with CzipLee presents an invaluable opportunity to showcase the culinary heritage of the Melaka Chetti community and celebrate our shared cultural richness. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to CzipLee for their partnership and friendship in printing our 'The Melaka Chetti Kitchen' culinary book, which serves as a precious repository of our unique culinary legacy." 

For a limited time, ‘The Melaka Chetti Kitchen’ culinary book is available at CzipLee Bangsar Village II at the special price of RM159.90.

"With CzipLee in Bangsar Village II, we aim to create more than just a store. We would like to create a community hub where creativity flourishes. 

“From captivating art and craft workshops to engaging author signings and exhilarating book launches, there's always something exciting happening at CzipLee. We look forward to welcoming old friends and new faces alike as we embark on this exciting journey together," added Alvin Chen, Executive Director of CzipLee. 

At CzipLee, there will be a launch of a monthly feature showcasing different brands, providing patrons with the opportunity to explore and discover a diverse range of products. 

The CzipTeam will be available to assist customers in experiencing the products firsthand.

Patrons are encouraged to stay connected with CzipLee through their newsletter and active social media channels for updates on upcoming activities and events tailored to the varied interests of their cherished customers. 

For more information, please visit CzipLee's official website at and explore our online store at Follow us on our social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok (@cziplee) to get the latest updates!