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Extending food aid to alleviate burdens of families in need during Ramadan

  Food assistance and essential items make meaningful contributions during the month of Ramadan, especially with the increasing cost of living experienced by families in underserved communities.


Suryana, a 47-year-old single mother from Bachok, Kelantan expressed her gratitude said, “Receiving this support from Mondelēz Malaysia ahead of the holy month is an unexpected blessing. Juggling the needs of my four children, including one with special needs, has been a daunting task. This assistance has eased the burden of providing groceries, bringing immense relief and joy to our family. I feel incredibly blessed to be selected as one of the families receiving food aid cash. This serves as a gentle reminder that even in the toughest moments, hope and kindness are ever-present to uplift us,” she added.


Suryana is among the beneficiaries of the Mondelēz Prihatin community engagement programme (#MDLZPrihatin). This programme is a collaboration between the maker of iconic global and local favorite snack brands, Mondelēz International, Malaysia (Mondelēz), and the non-profit organization, MyKasih Foundation, in a long-term initiative aimed at supporting and empowering families in need.


The program began with the distribution of food assistance cash to 100 B40 families in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, identified by MyKasih. Each family received a sum of money deposited into their MyKad to purchase basic food items for the upcoming Ramadan season. The program was launched through a community visit and engagement session at the MYDIN Kota Bharu hypermarket, where heirs and family members were invited to purchase essential items with the provided assistance.


“As a company, we embody our purpose of “Snacking Made Right” through various community outreach programmes carried out by the company and our brands. We are committed to contributing positively to the communities where we serve and have engaged in charitable initiatives aimed at making an impact in the lives of those in need, #MDLZPrihatin reflects our ongoing dedication to support and empower the local communities.


Beyond offering the right snacks for the right moment made the right way, we are guided by our principle of doing what is right for the communities in which we live, work and touch. As we begin with a modest assistance, we hope that our collective action with MyKasih can extend a meaningful difference in the lives of Malaysian families who need it most,” said Raja Zalina, Head of Corporate and Government Affairs for Malaysia and Singapore, Mondelēz International.


Sharing his heartfelt gratitude, Khairul, a 42-year-old father and sole provider for his two children, reflected on the challenges he faces. “Balancing the needs of my family, has been a constant challenge. There are times when we sacrifice meals to save money. The assistance provided has been a lifeline, reducing my burden and ensuring my family has food on the table. I am deeply grateful to Mondelēz Malaysia for this support, which has brought immense relief to our lives.”


Expressing their gratitude for the collaboration, Tan Sri Dr Ngau Boon Keat, MyKasih Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder said, "We are deeply grateful for the generosity and commitment of Mondelēz International (Malaysia). Today, poverty remains a stark reality for many families in our communities, who struggle to put food on their tables. Through Mondelēz Prihatin, we aspire not only to provide immediate relief but also to ignite a renewed sense of hope and resilience within these communities.”


Founded in 2009, MyKasih has been actively helping low-income families, having assisted over 750,000 families in Malaysia through various initiatives such as food aid, education support, and skills training.


With the programme, Mondelēz International (Malaysia) aims to support over 1,000 families by the end of 2024. This includes plans to extend subsequent targeted assistance across spectrum of needs like education, skills development, women's empowerment, and entrepreneurship. These initiatives will be carried out in stages by lending on the expertise and guidance from MyKasih.


Our presence in Malaysia dates back to 1905, and since then, we've been crafting snacks and cherished brands that have been enjoyed by Malaysians through the years. The company has two production facilities located in Shah Alam, Selangor, and Prai, Penang. Over the years, Mondelēz has initiated several social responsibility programs aimed at empowering and uplifting communities in various ways.


During the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, the company responded to Malaysia's White Flag movement by launching its Flags of Generosity initiative. It distributed purple flags in different neighbourhoods, where residents could use them to signal that they had excess food and supplies. These items were then collected and passed on to needy families. Since establishing its partnership with the National Food Aid Foundation in 2018 Mondelēz has donated more than RM4 million worth of products to distribute nationwide to communities in need.