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Seribu Satu Rasa’ Buffet Dinner @ Cinnamon Coffee House, One World Hotel PJ

Embarking on a culinary voyage during the sacred month of Ramadan is always a special occasion, and my recent experience at Cinnamon Coffee House, nestled within the esteemed One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya, was no exception. From the moment we stepped into the elegant ambiance of the venue, I was greeted with an air of anticipation, knowing that a feast of epic proportions awaited.

The ‘Seribu Satu Rasa’ Buffet Dinner, running from March 11th to April 9th, 2024, showcased a meticulously curated selection of over 150 dishes across four rotational menus. The expansive spread promised to encapsulate the diverse tapestry of Malaysian cuisine, and it certainly delivered.

A standout dish that exemplified the culinary finesse of the evening was the Whole Roasted Lamb Stuffed with Briyani. This succulent masterpiece, roasted to perfection, offered a harmonious blend of tender meat and fragrant spices, serving as a true centerpiece that captured the essence of festive indulgence.

Complementing this highlight were an array of traditional appetizers, each paying homage to Malaysia’s rich culinary heritage. 

Noteworthy was the Mixed Gear Box Soup, a robust broth featuring a medley of textures and flavors that provided a captivating glimpse into the region’s gastronomic traditions.


The main course offerings were equally impressive, with dishes such as the ‘Rendang Belanga Tradisional’ and ‘Sajian Sentuhan Timur Tengah’ showcasing the artistry of Malaysian and Middle Eastern cuisines, respectively. Each dish was meticulously prepared, with attention to detail evident in every bite.

Beyond the Malaysian specialties, Cinnamon Coffee House also catered to diverse palates with offerings from Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Standouts included the signature Hainan Chicken Rice and an assortment of freshly prepared Sushi and Sashimi, each dish crafted to perfection.

To conclude the evening on a sweet note, the dessert selection did not disappoint. From traditional Malay Kuih to decadent cakes and refreshing ice creams, there was something to satisfy every craving and palate preference.

Throughout the dining experience, live Ghazal music performances added to the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of warmth and celebration. Additionally, the provision of a designated prayer room, prayer mats, and ablution facilities underscored the hotel’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and inclusive Ramadan dining experience for guests.

Priced at RM238 nett for adults and RM119 nett for children aged 6 to 12 years, the ‘Seribu Satu Rasa’ Buffet Dinner offers exceptional value for a culinary journey that celebrates the spirit of Ramadan.

In conclusion, my experience at Cinnamon Coffee House was nothing short of exceptional. From the exquisite cuisine to the impeccable service and inviting ambiance, every aspect of the dining experience was executed with precision and care. Whether you’re seeking to indulge in traditional favorites or explore new culinary delights, Cinnamon Coffee House promises an unforgettable Ramadan feast that will delight the senses and create lasting memories.