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 Hennessy x NBA 2024 Pop-Up Event at The Exchange TRX

 Hennessy, the world’s leading cognac house, joins hands once again with the National Basketball Association (NBA) to celebrate the spirit that transcends basketball from a mere game to an embodiment of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. This year’s collaboration between Hennessy and the NBA, themed ‘Without Your Spirit, It’s Only A Game’, echoes the shared values of both brands, resonating deeply with basketball and fine cognac enthusiasts.

The culmination of this collaboration was marked by a captivating event held at The Exchange, TRX, on 8 May 2024, encapsulating the court in unprecedented ways. The event showcased the fusion of basketball and Hennessy, highlighting the essence of both worlds coming together in a celebration of excellence and achievement.

Experience the Spirit of Greatness at The Exchange, TRX

The Hennessy x NBA collaboration honors fans and their unwavering passion, emphasizing that basketball is more than a sport – it is a collective celebration of talent, culture, and spirit. The pop-up space, which will be open to the public from 9 May to 19 May, will offer enthusiasts the chance to experience the unique fusion of basketball and Hennessy firsthand. Guests can expect an array of engaging activities, exclusive merchandise, and opportunities to win exciting prizes and sample Hennessy’s exceptional range of handcrafted cocktails.

“Here at Hennessy, we are committed to maximizing our potential, mirroring the dedication of our esteemed partners at the NBA. Throughout our journey, Hennessy has championed visionaries, trendsetters, and creative minds globally, bridging our rich heritage with a progressive cultural outlook. The collaboration with NBA goes beyond a partnership; it’s a celebration of the values that drive us to pursue greatness in everything we do” said Nausicaa Charrier, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia and Singapore.

“We envision the Hennessy x NBA 2024 Pop-Up space as a cultural hub where Malaysian basketball enthusiasts, cognac aficionados, and art lovers can come together to share their passions. Through this collaboration, we aim to inspire and uplift individuals to pursue their passions with dedication and determination, just like the athletes who grace the NBA courts”, she further added.

Patrons can now seize the opportunity to win exclusive merchandise from the Hennessy x NBA partnership with Mitchell and Ness, by purchasing Hennessy products at participating outlets. The dynamic collection features a variety of apparel items including varsity jackets, jerseys, caps, and more, characterized by bold black and lime-yellow hues. Notably, NBA luminary LeBron James was seen donning the varsity jacket from this exclusive collaboration.

A Collaboration of Two Powerhouse Brands: Introducing the Hennessy x NBA 2024 Limited-Edition Series

Inspired by the foundational principles and values of basketball, Hennessy innovates with new designs encompassing color, structure, and materials, culminating in the dynamic and captivating Hennessy x NBA 2024 Limited-Edition Series.

The Hennessy V.S.O.P x NBA 2024 Limited-Edition gift box encapsulates the essence of basketball in every detail. With its textured surface resembling basketball leather, it pays homage to the team spirit of NBA players. Meanwhile, the Hennessy X.O. x NBA 2024 Limited-Edition packaging flawlessly recreates the spirit of the court, featuring a design inspired by the hardwood floor. Crafted with precision, these limited-edition bottles celebrate the relentless pursuit of excellence both on and off the court.

Launched during the NBA playoffs and championships, this series merges basketball-inspired elements with the essence of the court to showcase the culture and spirit of the game, igniting boundless imagination. The Hennessy V.S.O.P x NBA 2024 Limited Edition is now available at selected retail outlets nationwide. Meanwhile, the Hennessy X.O. x NBA 2024 Limited Edition is expected to be launched in July and will be officially available for sale at selected retail outlets nationwide.

Together, Hennessy invites you to join in the global conversation by continuing to place your stamp on and off the court. For an unforgettable experience celebrating the best of basketball and fine cognac, join Hennessy at The Exchange, TRX, from May 9 to May 19, where guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement of the Hennessy x NBA 2024 Pop-Up and discover the fusion of legends firsthand. For further information, visit Hennessy Malaysia’s Facebook page. #HennessyxNBA #HennessyMY #TheSpiritofNBA