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MyKasih Joins Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Kuih Raya Dari Hati Initiative to Bake for a Good Cause

In an effort to make this year's Raya celebration more meaningful, women from the Lembah Subang and Seri Pantai People’s Housing Projects (PPR) initiated a charity baking initiative. Their dedication resulted in treats infused with kindness, aimed at bringing joy to communities in need.


The resilient women home bakers were beneficiaries of the reputable non-profit organization, MyKasih Foundation (MyKasih). Chosen from communities involved in the cashless food aid programme, these cottage business entrepreneurs are passionate and skilled bakers. Their dedication and expertise make them ideal partners for Cadbury Dairy Milk's Kuih Raya Dari Hati (Baking From The Heart) initiative, perfectly aligning with the mission to support and uplift local talents and communities.


The passionate home bakers of MyKasih placed their unwavering dedication in producing an astounding 150,000 pieces of cookies baked over the span of two weeks. Mainly from low-income households or single mothers with little to no income, these ladies have a fierce determination to turn their lives around and make a better life for themselves and their families.


The collaborative effort provided these home bakers an opportunity to accelerate their income ahead of the Raya celebration and at the same time contribute to those in need. They baked an incredible 2,000 tubs of Raya cookies, including the delectable Cadbury Chocolate Tarts and Cadbury Cheese Tarts. These cookies were purchased by Cadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia and were channeled to more than 30 welfare homes and underprivileged communities with the help of Food Aid Foundation.


“Our partnership with MyKasih allows us to embody Cadbury Dairy Milk’s generosity by supporting local communities in remarkable ways. We are inspired by these women, who are working tirelessly to supplement their family income. We hope this Kuih Raya Dari Hati edition inspires communities to collaborate and uplift each other,” said See Mei Sin, Marketing Head for Malaysia and Singapore at Mondelēz International.


Since its inception in 2021, the Kuih Raya Dari Hati campaign has inspired Malaysians to share homemade treats during Ramadan and Raya. Initially supporting small kuih stalls during lockdowns, it evolved to include baking for charity. Rooted in the tradition of gifting kuih Raya, the campaign is now an annual event promoting generosity and community support.


Nur Sharzi Bashar, 41 who led the team of bakers at Lembah Subang PPR expressed her enthusiasm being part of the initiative. She said, “Two years ago, I started baking because my late sister and I had this dream of opening our own café. She had always wanted me to be happy and do well. Now, getting to bake with Cadbury Dairy Milk and MyKasih has given me a chance to keep our dream alive. It is more than just making money, but every cookie we make reminds me of all the lives we could touch out there.”


MyKasih has been helping low-income families to break out of poverty, having assisted over 750,000 families in Malaysia through various initiatives. Besides food aid and education support, MyKasih also provides the community skills and entrepreneurship training, equipping them with baking, sewing and handicraft to generate additional income and sustain themselves.


This year’s Kuih Raya Dari Hati initiative is also an extension of #MDLZPrihatin, a long-term collaboration established between Mondelēz International (Malaysia) and MyKasih in March 2024 to assist and empower underserved families and communities. It includes plans to bring targeted assistance across a spectrum of needs like food aid, education, skills development, women's empowerment, and entrepreneurship.