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Taiwanese pop diva Rainie Yang's "LIKE A STAR World Tour Concert" in Kuala Lumpur will once again light up the hearts with stars on July 27th! Concert tickets will officially go on sale on May 20th.


Organized by BT Mediaspace and co-hosted by Space Entertainment, Rainie Yang's "LIKE A STAR World Tour" will take place at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur on July 27, 2024, starting at 8 PM.

After more than four years, the "Versatile Diva" Rainie Yang returns to Malaysia with her "LIKE A STAR" themed tour. She's ready to dazzle fans and showcase her charm in this highly anticipated concert.

Since debuting in 2000, Rainie Yang has released 12 studio albums and two compilation albums, achieving notable success in the Mandarin music scene. From her early hit "A Thousand Wishes (一千零一個願望)" to "LIKE A STAR", her discography spans a wide range of themes and emotions. In addition to her music career, Rainie has also made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. She starred in popular Taiwanese dramas such as "Devil Beside You (惡魔在身邊)," "Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心)," and "While We Were Drunk (醉後決定愛上你)." Moreover, her voice graces many beloved OSTs, including "Ambiguous (曖昧)," "Rainie Love (雨愛)" "We are all Silly (我們都傻)," and "Only One."

With a career spanning 23 years, Rainie Yang continues to shine brightly as she performs "Like a Star," showcasing her talent, sincerity, and hard work. Let's take a moment to revisit the youthful and courageous memories she has given us, reigniting the stars in our hearts. Together, let's continue to follow the light of our dreams alongside her!

Tickets for the concert will be available for sale on starting May 20th, 12pm! Mark your calendars and set your alarms so you don't miss out!

Rainie Yang's "LIKE A STAR World Tour" Kuala Lumpur Details:

Date: July 27, 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil

Concert Ticket Prices:

VIP RM 948 | PS1 RM 898 | PS2 RM 778 | PS3 RM 598 | PS4 RM 498 | PS5 RM 398 | PS6 RM 298 | SP RM 88 (*excluding MYR4.00 processing fee)

For more information, stay tuned to BT Mediaspace's official Facebook and Instagram pages to get the latest updates.