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28-year-old Malaysian Drives Home First-Ever Car At Lactel’s Hari Raya 'Beli & Menang' Contest

 - For Muhammad Najmi Adha bin Hj Nasir, he made a conscious choice this Ramadan and Raya to prioritise the health and happiness of his family. By purchasing Lactel for his friends and family when he visited his hometown, the 28-year-old drove home the grand prize, a shiny new Perodua Bezza. 

“This is actually my first car, and winning it is truly a game-changer. I am even more motivated to obtain my driving licence so that I can drive my ageing parents around and take care of family needs,” said the grand prize winner. 

The “Kebaikan & Kebahagian Berbuka Bersama Lactel” contest, held from 1st of March to 30th of April, witnessed an overwhelming participation from Lactel’s consumers throughout the entire campaign. 

"At Lactalis, we prioritise everyday nutritional needs, especially during Ramadan, which is an important period for many Malaysians. Our Bliss yogurt drink, chilled and refreshing, is especially beneficial during the recent heat wave. Made with real fruit juice and live cultures, it supports digestion for both sahur and iftar. Additionally, our Lactel Natural Set Yogurt, no-added sugar and low-fat, is a popular choice during Ramadan and Raya, offering a healthier alternative to santan and enhancing meat marinades for tender results, especially in rendang and curry," explained Paul Cazes, General Manager of Lactalis Malaysia.

“Lactel Malaysia remains dedicated to delivering high-quality, wholesome, and nutritious dairy products in everyday consumption, all produced locally in Petaling Jaya. Prioritising both taste and health, the brand is committed to providing quality yogurt and yogurt drinks to every Malaysian household, including kids, through continuous innovation with quality ingredients and simple product formulas. Lactel’s promise extends beyond their wide range of products, promoting not only delicious flavours but also supporting gut health for every consumers' overall well-being,” he added.

The contest brought together Malaysians from all walks of life in the spirit of joy and togetherness by inviting them to purchase Lactel products worth RM15 in a single receipt for a chance to win a Perodua Bezza 1.3G, 42-inch Sharp TV, and Dyson V8 Slim Fluffy vacuum cleaner. Among other weekly prizes included La Gourmet Vintage Tiffin and Touch n’ Go e-Wallet credits. 

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