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foodpanda reaffirms commitment to enhance delivery partners' work experience with 'panda cares'

 Leading food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda is doubling down on its commitment to its delivery partners with the launch of ‘panda cares’ in Malaysia, its flagship programme aimed at uplifting and supporting delivery partners in five core areas: well-being, personal development, safety, community and welfare perks. 

With over a decade of experience in Asia, foodpanda has consistently worked closely with its delivery partners, engaging in regular dialogue to find ways to best support and enhance their delivery experience. ‘panda cares’ brings together both existing and new welfare and engagement initiatives, focusing on what delivery partners value most, including:

“Well-being” focuses on safeguarding delivery partners’ well-being through full insurance coverage and iTekad CIMB Islamic Rider Entrepreneur Program.

“Personal Development” provides delivery partners with a range of opportunities for growth, including a collaboration with the Youth and Sports Ministry to provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training Industry (TVET) for foodpanda delivery partners. These help to support the aspirations of foodpanda’s delivery partners, beyond their day-to-day delivery tasks. 

“Safety” encompasses initiatives that encourage delivery partners to prioritise their safety on the road. This includes our Stay Safe campaign in partnership with MIROS and PERKESO and the Kempen dan Advokasi Keselamatan Jalan Raya.

“Community” aims to build a dependable support system, where delivery partners can easily access in-app communication channels, turn to physical rider hubs for onsite support and resources as well as fostering community and team spirit through events and Bamboo rewards. 

(See Appendix for a full list of focus areas and mapped initiatives.) 

“Our delivery partners are the backbone of our operations, ensuring that millions of Malaysians enjoy timely and reliable food and grocery deliveries. Through ‘panda cares’, we aim to provide our delivery partners with the resources and support they need to thrive in their roles. We regularly engage with them to understand what matters most and continuously improve our initiatives to enhance their experience,” says Shubham Saran, Director of Operations at foodpanda Malaysia. 

Stronger focus on delivery partner well-being and safety

foodpanda actively implements measures that continually prioritise the well-being of our delivery partners. Through ‘panda cares’, foodpanda will enhance its existing collaborations with PolicyStreet and CIMB Islamic to offer more financial security, health support, and growth prospects, ensuring our delivery partners and their families are well cared for and empowered. 

As foodpanda’s delivery partners are always on the road, safety is a priority, and foodpanda continually seeks new initiatives to encourage them to prioritise their safety. This includes working closely with government bodies such as PERKESO, MIROS and PDRM to advocate road safety.

Upcoming initiatives under panda cares 

foodpanda is expanding its efforts in Malaysia under ‘panda cares’  through: 

Under Safety: Panda Rangers, where delivery partners will be trained to provide basic emergency medical assistance to those in need. 

Under Well Being: Working closely with EPF (KWSP) to create a seamless system that enables delivery partners to contribute to their retirement fund.

“At foodpanda Malaysia, we believe in recognizing the hard work and commitment of our delivery partners. ‘panda cares’ is a big step in the right direction to foster a more rewarding and supportive environment for all our delivery partners,” concludes Shubham.