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Power Up with Mophie Snap + Juice Pack Mini

 Mophie's latest offering, the Snap+ Juice Pack Mini, is a compelling option for those seeking a portable and stylish way to keep their devices juiced up. This well-designed and competitively priced battery pack boasts a convenient magnetic attachment system, but it's crucial to address a key caveat before potential buyers reach for their wallets.

The Snap+ Juice Pack Mini redeems itself in other aspects. Its compact size (5,000mAh capacity) makes it easily pocketable, perfect for on-the-go charging needs. Mophie claims a fully charged Snap+ Juice Pack Mini can fully replenish an iPhone 12 from 0 to 100%, making it a reliable companion for extended outings.

Another noteworthy feature is the Snap Adapter, a clever inclusion that expands the pack's compatibility. This metallic ring with an adhesive backing can be attached to non-MagSafe devices, enabling them to benefit from the magnetic attachment system. This versatility ensures the Snap+ Juice Pack Mini isn't limited to Apple's ecosystem, catering to a broader range of users.

The magnetic attachment itself deserves praise. During testing, the large circular magnet on the battery pack proved strong enough to securely hold a Samsung phone, demonstrating its functionality beyond MagSafe-compatible devices.

The Verdict: A Portable Powerhouse with Caveats

The Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini presents a compelling package for those prioritizing portability and a convenient magnetic attachment system. Its ability to fully charge an Samsung S24 Ultra and its compatibility with non-MagSafe devices through the Snap Adapter are clear advantages. However, the lack of true MagSafe certification and its slower wireless charging are significant drawbacks.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase depends on your priorities. If you prioritize a compact, pocketable power bank with a magnetic attachment system and are willing to sacrifice some wireless charging speed, the Snap+ Juice Pack Mini is a solid choice. 

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