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Date: 28 March 2008

The studio not realy big as i was expecting it should be.. and de place is a bit small and like location was a bit blur lo.. em.. de recording was enjoyable.. Gary craps a lot.. he is real exciting and laugh a lot.. like children.. and talk many stupid things as well.. i was laughing out and bursting out the laughter.. but de recording are not advisable to take video.. so.. i din take video.. jus bits of pictures.. :P.. no choice..

Is kinda tired.. after that.. have to rush home.. and went back by WC.. Thanks frens.. sorry fr disturbing u.. I owe u a makan.. when u in penang .. call me up.. take u fr a nice one.. he is really a great fren.. helping me out the journey.. thanks a lot.. much appreciated. Thanks to my cousin bro to lend a place to stay.. Thanks a million..

em.. cant have much sleep.. cause "kan cheong" wanna see Nicholas Teo concert.. haha.. isn't it so .. em.. dono also