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Date: 29 March 2008

Nicholas Teo concert today.. wahaha.. my mood is swinging wif Nicholas teo songs and mind is jus playing some song from nicholas teo.. I love them so much... wat song are my mind playing.. various.. from 小乌龟 , 爸爸妈妈, 新歌试唱 and more.. cant wait to see him.. and this afternoon will be going to Submit USJ to see Gary Yap ... again.. hehe

This time he very .. a bit of cool.. din call him pretend dono.. haiz.. at last we call him as well.. and chatted wif him.. a while.. Manage to get autograph from him and pictures. Next destination, is to go to Bukit Jalil stadium at 6.30 and walking around the area.. wah.. so many people start line up di.. NICHOLAS i am Coming!!!!

The concert start at 8 pm.. and we can see.. de whole concert hall are filled with luminous stick..and everyone started getting high when the music started.. haha.. me to .. NIcholas started wif his new song.. and continuous wif more rock album.. 新歌试唱 ..then wif his usual .. Soothing songs.. which captured many people heart.. and i really love it as well.. There goes Nicholas ICHIban Performance.. haha.. adn de concrt is very very WORTH...

Songs list:
1) 新歌試唱
2) 遊戲
3) Super Idol
4) 寂寞邊界
5) 重傷
6) 錯了再錯
7) 痛徹心扉+日日夜夜
8) Fly Me To The Moon
9) 王子
10) 孤獨探戈+忘記愛過(Cross Over)
11) 分手快樂
12) In Love With You(duet with 梁靜茹)
13) 崇拜(梁靜茹)
14) 我真的以為
15) 這首歌+陌路
16) Only One+Dream+Heart
17) 黃昏
18) 付出
19) 爸爸媽媽
20) 晚安寶貝
21) 北極星的眼淚
22) 如果
23) 錯愛
24) 只因為你
Encore :
25) 小烏龜(清唱)+就微笑了
26) 當你孤單你會想起誰