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Date: 03 April 2008

Reaching Penang airport at early morning about 8 am to check in and way back to the plane at 9.45 am.. Lucky no delay on flight .. :P Penang Airport shot a few pic wif Junee cause we be going on the same flight to dere but a different fight back to Penang.

Stepping into the LCCT ( 12.45pm) was kinda weird.. cause is change a lot from the terminal i had been fr last 2 years.. so is like.. em.. "Am I landing the right place?? " hehe... After that, Guan and Howe is out at the LCCT and waiting fr me and sis to eat. After that, went to UMS.. my school and meet some lecturers, Mr chong , Mr Lau and Mr Liawas...

We stayed at the at Radius International Hotel which is located just opposite Centre Point. The hotel is clean and service is good as well

We also had enjoy seafood together and also meet some of the old friends like Wei Howe, Guan, Koh and all.