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Date : 18 July 2011

I had finally reach the last stage of pregnancy and is time to meet our daughter tomorrow. I had choosen to deliver in Selayang Hospital as a FPP ( Full Paying Patient). I had made my move to the hospital around 11 am and I had a check on my blood to make sure that they will have blood supply for me when I am doing the operation.

A check had been done on the baby hearbeat around 20 minutes as well taking my bllod for a test as well. Then, we had signed a letter on the operation procedure and make a deposit of RM 3000 for the delivery.

I had being admitted to one to a room which is specially designated for Full Paying patient. They offers one to a room with toilet attached as well a sofa as a chair. Hubby can accompany their wife in the room for 24 hours. The room is air- cond and had the benefit of husband visitation at anytime.

So, stay in as normal and being put on needles on my hand and drips at 12 midnight as I will start to puasa at that time. In the evening, they shaved the bottom for the me as the operation will be done on the lower part of the abdomen. Drips had been provided as well as they had put on the bag for your urination which is kinda painful when they do it