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Date : 19 July 2011

Night had been long as is kinda hard to sleep the whole night as I do not know what can I expects during the C-Sec. I am the first patient of the day on the operation. Early in the morning, the nurse came over to do the final check on my pulse and blood preasure as well as changing the clothes to the operation clothes.

Then, I had given some medication to take and seems like after I had taken them, I am kinda blur and roll in to the operation theather. Then, they had move me to the operation theather and given 2-3 jabs of anesatic on my backbone which I hate the most and is painful. After about 5-6 minutes, I started numb on my lower part of the body. The operation begins. I had started becoming sleepy and blur and vomit some fluid out, supposeis the medication I took In the morning.

Without any feeling, about 10 – 15 minutes, the nurse tell me that the baby is coming out now and I started to hear my little precious crying voices. The doctor held her and clean her up as well as taking her to check on everything. I had a glance at her and I am simply feeling tired. They had stitches back and the operation finish about 45 minutes. I then being held to observation for about an hour before back to the ward.

As for my precious, she is being taken care in NICU which is the nussery care. I had been the whole day on my bed and hardly can get up of the bed. Appetite however is good after a half day of puasa.