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Pensonic Eco Thermo

Have you heard of the Eco Thermo Pot. Now Pensonic release their new Eco Thermo Pot which is a MUST in every household. I had mine now at my home enjoying my coffee at anytime. The pot is very beautifully made and having a very nice design which you can have them not only at home but also in the office. The Eco Port is the First Ever Smart Intelligent Eco Thermo Pot. Why I am saying it is Intelligent Eco Thermo Pot?

 Now, with Pensonic 's Eco Thermo Pot, just one fingertip touch and you could instantly enjoy a full glass of freshly-boiled water or a cup of aromatic brewed coffee. What’s more, the pot may helps to save energy up to 50% and enjoy a better, healthier living.
-The Inside View of the Pot-

 The Pensonic ECO Thermal Pot is more energy saving as it permits only required amount of water to be released into the boiling chamber although it can hold up to 2.0 litters in the integrated tank. This could translate into cost saving in cutting down the household electricity bills. With the Pensonic ECO Thermal Pot, you can have a full cup of freshly boiled water in only 45 seconds instead of using the re-boiled water from conventional thermal pot. This is where the desired amount of water is boiled only when the smart one-touch button is triggered. It is very much different from the conventional thermo flask or jug kettle of which require re-boiling water over and over again. While re-boiling water might lose its nutrients, you can be guaranteed fresh boiled water with the Pensonic eco thermo pot.

Some of outstanding features from Pensonic which I felt is GREAT is where it has:

One Touch Auto Dispenser - you may choose the amount water you want for your drink and just press at the black button to begin. It only takes 45 seconds for your water.

One Touch Auto Dispenser
-Enjoy a full glass of freshly-boiled water within 45 seconds with the Smart One Touch Pre-Set Functional Button. I do not need to boiled and keep the water too long where i can prepare milk for my 6 months old daughter in just 45 seconds.

Healthy Drinking Water 
-Boil water only when you need it. By drinking freshly boiled water, you can be assured of a healthy lifestyle.

Consistent and Smooth Water Delivery 

Consistent and Smooth Water Delivery
-Water delivers smoothly into your cup with no spills or inconsistent flow. With the special features, you can stop processing the water at anytime. An emergency and water volume stop button allow for instant abortion of boiling missions.

LED Light Indicator 

LED Light Indicator
The stylish-looking blue light LED Display indicates the boiling status of the thermo pot

No cord Hassel
No cord hassel
The electrical cord can be keep easily and and roll in the base and adjust easily to your electrical supply.

Pensonic Eco Thermopot Details

• Model no. PET-2000L
• Colour: Black with stainless steel finish
• Capacity: 2 litres
• Auto dispense function
• Boils full cup of water within 45 seconds
• Automatically turns off after dispensing
• Saves up to 88% of energy
• 3,000W
• Cordless base
• Emergency and water volume stop button
• Variable water volume control
• Removable and washable trip tray
• Consumer packaging dimensions:
  280mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 277mm (L)
• Consumer packaging weight: 2kg
• 1-year warranty


* They also have the 4 litre set, you may check out on the features from Pensonic website