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Day 3: To Central -->Pottinger Street 石板街-->Man Mo Temple 文武廟--> Hollywood Street --> Checkout --> Check-In in Yau Ma Tei Hotel --> Avenue of Stars --> Symphony of Lights --> 1881 Shopping Centre

Our day 3 trip comes more interesting as we venture the Central Of Hong Kong as well as the famous place in Tsim Tsa Tsui. The beautiful view of Hong Kong do capture my heart with their scenic view and each scene is alike what we see in TVB movie.

We stop at Central Hong Kong where you will hear about OL working there with the sky scrappers The Pottinger Street is one of the famous street on many TVB dramas taking place where it is also better known as the Stone Slabs Street by the locals, after the granite stone steps which are a rarity nowadays in Hong Kong. With stalls alongside the street, you can walk and enjoy with a little shopping to do there.

Well, along the area you can head to Man Mo Temple which is one of the temples in Hong Kong. The small temple between all the huge tall skyliners. Man Mo Temple or Man Mo Miu is a Cantonese transliteration of Wen Wu temple, a temple for the worship of the civil or literature god Man Tai / Man Cheong and the martial god Mo Tai / Kwan Tai. It is said and believes this place is good to pray for better results and studies.

Address: 126 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2540 0350

Alongside, while walking down the street of the Hollywood road, enjoy some shopping there if you are a fans of antiques. The beautiful lovely arts around the streets captured my heart when I am walking down the street.

We then headed back to hotel and move on to our next destination which is the Tsim Tsa Tsui Area. Well, we make a choice to stay in those small hotels and motels this round in our trip. The stay here is simply a place for bag packer where we have our small room which is just one in and one out with the small toilet which accommodates only 1 pax. Oh my! Below my room, is Temple Street where I can hear the singing orchestra there.

Well, we had our bags in the hotel and an hour rest then we heads to the  Avenue of Stars and also waiting for the Symphony of Lights to start. The  beautiful view of sunsets is simply awesome but I have my stroll around the area looking for my idol hand print .. haha..

In the Avenue of Stars, lookout for the famous star hand prints at there. Not just that, you can have yourself taken with shots like a director and more.

Do I look like a director?  Hehehe… shooting time..

We waited till 8 pm to witness the Symphony of Lights which is pretty attractive. The lights flying up with the tone of sound and the scenic view of Hong Kong… such a breathtaking experience. After that, we had our short walk around the area where we pass through the Peninsula Hotel, 1881 and more. Ends our tired day in town