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The Imagine 3D Contest by Ricoh Malaysia and MakerBot came to conclusion today after a two-month long nationwide search.

The contest took both individuals and corporates alike on a journey fuelled by creativity and innovation, with a theme, ‘Imagine Functionality: The Perfect Office Aid’ – the objective is to imagine an idyllic office aid designed to help enhance one’s physical workspace – the idea is then brought to life with 3D printing.

Grand winner for the Corporate Category, Mr. Alwin Wong catapulted his organisation, MyCHIRO Sdn. Bhd. into the spotlight for his innovative “Dispenser Pin Tack” design that will no longer have people misplacing or harming themselves when fumbling for those pesky little pin tacks. Cleverly designed, the pin tack dispenser requires a gentle shake to the mechanism to expel the pin tacks safely; it also doubles as a stationary holder.

On the other hand, Mr. Ew Chee Guan of the Individual Category took first place for his “Desktop USB Ioniser” idea. The winning idea was a four-in-one office aid that quadruples as a penholder, SD cardholder, a USB port as well as a USB ioniser to regulate a healthy workplace desktop atmosphere.

According to Mr. Peter Wee, Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the judges were thoroughly impressed with the depth of thought and imagination the participants were able to harness into their design.

“The decision proved to be a nail-biting one for the judges. The results of the competition have been nothing less than encouraging to see that we are able to provide an avenue to champion the power of imagination and creativity of local Malaysians, across both the individual and corporate levels, to be a designer or a creator of their own visions – all this made possible through our partnership with desktop 3D printing leaders, MakerBot,” said Mr. Wee.

Ricoh Malaysia and MakerBot aspires to bring printing to a whole new level with brand new cutting-edge 3D printing technology poised to provide the resources and best solutions to complement the growth of many industries.  

“The global 3D printing market has been forecasted to mature at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.6% by 2020 according to analysts. In Malaysia itself, the industry is still at its infancy, however, the various vertical industries are beginning to accept and understand that 3D printing is undeniably a major game-changer for the development of the nation’s market,” Mr. Wee commented.

With its defined ease of use, quality, and reliability to produce a wide range of forms, colours as well as textures with incredible customisation, 3D printing is set to revolutionise the local market in the years to come.

At the finale event, the MakerBot 3D printers brought the top 10 submissions to life from each category, turning participants’ imagination and visions into reality as they were exhibited at the Genovasi Training Centre.

During the event, Ricoh Malaysia also provided guests a wealth of insight on the wonders of 3D printing that has been penetrating the several vertical industries in recent years, including the architecture, fashion and art, as well as education industries.

Corporate Category winner, Mr. Alwin Wong, was rewarded a host of prizes including a brand new 3D MakerBot Replicator Mini (worth RM4,999) for his company, RM2,000 cash prize, a Ricoh e-store voucher and a trophy for himself, while Individual Category winner, Mr. Ew Chee Guan, took home RM2,000 cash prize, a Ricoh e-store voucher, and a trophy.

Mr. Fabian Khaw, from Akademi Usahawan Mikro Sdn. Bhd. won the ‘People’s Choice Imagine 3D’ category, a 24-hour Facebook flash vote that took place on the Ricoh Malaysia Facebook site. He took home a Ricoh Pentax Camera.

The contest was made possible with partnership with the 3D industry experts from iMakerzone who formed part of the judging panel as well as lead exclusive 3D design workshops for participants to further refine skills and inspire ideas on how best one can design a 3D product.

“As a leader in total office and business solutions, we consistently strive to evolve, inspire, and drive innovative engineering, true to our Imagine. Change. brand tagline. Competitions such as the Imagine 3D Contest enable us to generate awareness and cultivate skills so that individuals and businesses are open and able to adopt new technology and efficient business processes to yield tremendous benefits,” Mr. Wee concluded.

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