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In December 2014, the East Coast region of Malaysia was hit by the worst flood it has seen in decades, destroying homes and livelihoods and crippling entire villages. As of today, its victims are still left picking up the pieces. In line with Mahsuri’s spirit of giving back to the society, Mahsuri’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme will be in collaboration with non-profit organisation, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) to rebuild and uplift communities affected by the recent floods.

The leading brand in fine sauces and condiments goes all out in this latest Corporate Social Responsibility endeavour as it pledged to donate a full 100% of sales proceeds from every bottle of Mahsuri range of sauces sold at Giant stores nationwide from 26th March to 8th April 2015 to the Programme Desa Lestari organised by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM).

Mahsuri’s sauces taps into the true essence of Malay cooking that holds high priority in purity and wholesomeness in its daily food preparation. Mahsuri’s range of sauces are certified Halal by JAKIM and are free of preservatives. Mahsuri’s four sauces; Sweet Soy Sauce, Hot Sweet Sauce, Chicken Marinade and Oyster Flavoured Sauce fulfil the need of every kitchen to serve up scrumptious and authentic tasting Malay dishes.

“This CSR is very close to our hearts as we have witnessed the suffering of our fellow countrymen during the floods. We believe that in pitching in towards the development of the flood-hit communities, we can slowly but eventually transition them out of poverty into a healthy self-sustainable community no longer in need of external aid, in the long run,” said Carmen Liew, Marketing Director for Mahsuri, Lee Kum Kee Malaysia.

When the 2014 floods hit the affected states, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) has been at the forefront in relief efforts, aggressively providing aid to over 40,000 beneficiaries in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. In February this year, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) took their relief efforts to another level in the Desa Lestari Programme. Under this project, flood-hit villages are developed in five key components to transform it into a self-sufficient community with social facilities and livelihood opportunities. All proceeds raised by Mahsuri’s corporate social responsibility campaign during this period will be channelled towards development of shelters, sustainable livelihood, education, community empowerment, and Disaster Risk Reduction Management in villages under the Desa Lestari Programme.

Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM), established in Malaysia in 2005 provides humanitarian aid in the Asia-Pacific region, it served initially as a fundraising office but is currently playing both roles as a fundraising office (for local & international projects) & field office (for implementing local projects). Guided by Islamic values and teachings of Sincerity (Ikhlas), Social Justice (Adil), Compassion (Rahmah), Custodianship (Amanah) and Excellence (Ihsan), IRM executes community, economic and social development programs in Malaysia where the target groups of beneficiaries include, but not limited to, the poor, orphans, single mothers, senior citizens and the physically challenged.
“With the generous pledge from Mahsuri, we hope to be able to deliver much more in our efforts to transform the villages under the programme into thriving communities with quality infrastructure, ample job opportunities and a healthy economy through local trade,” said Desa Lestari spokesperson, Tuan Zairulshahfuddin B. Zainal Abidin.

For more information on Islamic Relief Malaysia or the Desa Lestari Programme, please visit or www.facebook/MyMahsuri