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RIZALMAN FOR ZALORA : Modern Sophistication Meets Traditional Elegance

ZALORA,  Asia’s  Online Fashion   Destination,   unveiled  its   collaboration   with   Malaysia’s renowned  fashion  designer,  Rizalman  Ibrahim,  with  a  collection  that celebrates the designer’s penchant for modern elegance. Rizalman for ZALORA is available on and from the 27th May and offers fashionistas across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei the chance to own Rizalman’s latest collection.  Rizalman’s signature form-fitting cuts and elegant ‘kurungs’ take center stage in this collection, as the designer presents new and fresh ideas to traditional  dressing  for  the  festive  season  and  everyday  wear.

Embellishments are kept minimal as Rizalman focused on the  use of beautiful and innovative fabrics to elevate the elegance of each piece. Jersey,  lace,  crepe  silk  and  georgette  silk  are  used  generously  in addition  to  laces  and  metallic  elements  that  create  an  old-world sophistication  that  only  Rizalman  could  have  recreated.  Exquisitely printed  fabric  of specially-made patterns  and classic  ‘animalier’  prints break the monotony of the collection, perfect for fans of drama and pop- music culture. Rizalman  for  ZALORA  also saw  the designer exploring  new  areas of design  – the play of proportions and challenging classic designs with new twists from conversation pieces.

Outfits are given a modern uplift whilst maintaining the ladylike sensibility in their designs. “We  are  excited  to  present  yet  another  stunning  collection  from  the immensely  talented  Rizalman.  Year  after  year  we  are  not  only enthralled by his designs but also the creative landscape he creates for the collection – this year being his directorial debut with the short film ‘Lara’,” says Managing Director of ZALORA, Giulio Xiloyannis.

The collection was showcased during the Rizalman for ZALORA fashion show,  held  at  the  iconic  Chin  Woo  Stadium.  The  landmark  was transformed  into  ‘Cinema  Rizalman’,  and  also  played  host  to  the screening  of  ‘Lara’.  Rizalman’s  directorial  debut  stars  the  legendary Fauziah Nawi, and one of the country’s most popular actresses, Scha Alyahya. The cinematic masterpiece was shot in Malaysia and Turkey, and features the stars in Rizalman for ZALORA outfits.  2015 also marks Rizalman’s 20th year in fashion. He recently launched his first coffee table book entitled ‘Backstage’ - a photographic chronicle of his 20 years in the fashion industry, with exclusive behind-the-scene images and iconic looks familiar to his legion of fans. ‘Backstage’ can also be purchased at