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Sembonia just released their latest creation this Spring that brings you with the colorful blend to welcome this HAPPY times. Sembonia brings you with their latest collection of purses and clutches which you must have during this Spring.

Some history of Sembonia

SEMBONIA is a subsidiary company under BONIA along with sister company Carlo Rino.The company was founded in 1974 by S. S. Chiang, the Group's Executive Chairman, who started the business of designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling leather goods in Singapore.

With 4 choices of multifunction purse welcoming you this summer, it is also well paired with their bags, as well as shoes too.
1) The Nine Detachable 

The Nine Detachable which is elegantly presented with the touch of class and elegant. Fit for anytime especially formal functions. Made of Stingray Leather and line with the golden sling, it is obviously eye catching with the hit of classy and elegance. No worries about the compartment where they are well done for you to slots in your credit cards, cash notes and a phone too.

Aside from the classy Detachable Wallet, they do have the sweeter version too where it comes with sweet pastel colors.

Crafted by Saffiano Leather instead, it is indeed a two in one purse and clutch where you can remove the chain if you make it as a wallet.

2) The Discerptible Fold Wallet

- The Myriad Color of the Purse-

Anytime with the classy feel , The Discerptible Fold Wallet comes in  to rescue where the purse brings you with the light pastel colours and is a Bi-Fold Continental Wallet.

I love the beautiful colors of the bag which is very relexing where they have the pastel blue, yellow, green and yellow. One of the highlights here is that it comes with a discerptible pouch which you can chuck in some cash or cards to rush out for dining. We know how is the security in Malaysia but with the pouch is actually help a lot as you would not waste your time taking out your important cards in and out from the wallet. It makes life easier and you also would not misplace all the cards anymore. I love this.

3) The Slim Accordion Wallet

The Slim Accordion Wallet is ideal for those who do not have so many cards. Available in 3 colors, the slim Accordian is indeed something worth to have where each of the design comes simply classy and elegant.

4) Continental Wristlet 

Sembonia comes with another preference for those who love to have the Wrislet. Comes with the choice of Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold; each components is carefully designed to suit one's taste. Ideal for use of events and party and you can easily clutch them at your wristlet. It comes with the theme of birds design or pastel.

5) Oversize Wristlet

For those who need a larger size, they can consider the Oversize Wrislet where it is convenient for you to keep your mini Ipad or a small tablet inside.
Not just that, Sembonia is not having just purse and wristlet but they have lovely bag to pair with it. The fashion doesn't end there where you can have them a full set with the bags, purse and shoes. Aren't they well paired for you. 
Filled up your collection with the striking, gorgeous RED bag,  high heels and purses. 


Some yellow flats, purses and bags..
= The Guys Selection of Bags=
= The Guys Selection of Bags=
= The Shoes Selection=

Well, Sembonia is not just for ladies, but they have a selection of bags and shoes for guys too. Pair them with your love ones with SEMBONIA and looks ELEGANTLY today with your love one! 

For more info, do check out the website: