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Day 1: Osaka Airport ♥ Kyoto Station  Checkin to our apartment booked via AirBnb  Nishiki Market (錦市場, Nishiki Ichiba)  Kyoto Tower

Food Exploration
松屋 日航関西ホテル located nearby the Osaka Airport
風堂 錦小路店 (Ippudo Ramen) nearby the Nishiki Market
Noming in the Nishiki Market
ホテルグランヴィア京都 located in Kyoto Station

We reach Osaka FINALLY after 6 hours flight.. but with Malaysian Airlines, it is home feeling even though I am in the plane.

Arriving to the airport, collected our bags and everything.. we are heading for FUN now. The FUN starts where everywhere I go, SIM card is a MUST! Getting my new SIM CARD with the internet line is what I need and it is so much easier. With this I can #Instagram #FB which is one of the MUST in all my trips.

Heading for our first meal in Japan @ Matsuya where I am enjoying my HOT ramen at the cold weather. Operating with the vending machine, i get simply stupid as I don understand them. Thank god hubby come to rescue

Here is my udon. Simple and yet comforty meal to have. My  regular size of plain udon is at ¥180 (approx. RM 5.50) . The flavourful soup with the bouncy noodles is as good as it is. Drink the lovely nice soup to warm your day there. I am just loving the taste.

@ Kansai Airport
Osaka Prefecture, Izumisano, Senshukukokita, 1, (関西国際空港内)
+81 72-455-1111"

And now after the comfort meal, is time to head to Kyoto which is our first destination. With the good friends in rescue, we had our journey to Kyoto SMOOTHLY by the train. We headed all the way to Kyoto Station where our hotel (booked via AirBnb) is .

Exploring Kyoto is simply fun but since we have not much time to do in the first day, we headed to the Nishinki Market where you can find all those goodies, fresh food there.

While walking to the market, we spotted Ippudo Ramen and made our tummy drooling.. I am falling in love with food.

We ordered the Shiromaru Special (赤丸 スペシャル) (¥980/ MYR 29.00) is where the ramen is cooked with the original Ippudo’s Tonkatus with the thick flavourful rooth. Serve with the thin noodles, 5 pieces of chashu, 3 roasted seaweeds, as well as a flavourul soft boiled eggs , scallion, bean sprouts, as well as tree mushroom in it The broth comes with a more flavourful blend of taste while the chashu give us with the tender and mouthwatering taste. Awesomely good

Hakata Ippudo (一風堂)Japan〒604-8143京都府京都市中京区 東洞院通錦小路下る阪東屋町653-1錦ビル1FTel: +81 75-213-880011:00 am – 3:00 am
And here i am here I am in their temple. We love the scenic view of the temple -Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine (錦天満宮) is located on the famous Teramachi shopping street in downtown Kyoto city. Located along the Nishinki market, the temple is so beautiful and it is indeed a scenic view over there.

I love the beautiful view of the temple and everything here. It is time to go back to the hotel for a rest before we are going more place tomorrow. 

On our way back, grab the camera and had a snap of the beautiful Kyoto Tower.