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A memory of my best boss ever. I remember when I first enter my first day in the new environment, he is so early to work daily and greeted us every time we met him in the pantry. 

In his room, he is such a humble man,
He don't take the lift but he walk up the stairs UP and DOWN
He not taking caffeine but plain water everyday..
You will notice him with his apple daily..

I remember those day,
we knocked to his room 
for signatures for our proposal

I remember his voice and call
Calling us to his office just 
Because of little things

I remember
He solves our work issues 
and he dedicate his time for us

I remember 
How he cared for each of every staff

I remember
His little sweet coconut cookies 
when he back to hometown
and what he usually buy back for us

Though he battle his last breath 
to cancer
he never give up 

And he is the boss 
I respected and my best boss ever 

RIP Mr Lim.
I will remember you 
and Thank You for everything