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Everyone tells me about "travel" .. and I am not those who loves travel when I am a kid. I dont waste money on travels which it always been my principals since I am a kid and I hardly travel too. But life change since I started blogging.

What I do is for my blog which keep me "motivated" in trying new things but those who know me since I am a kid will know my character. I can keep eating the same thing for months or week but many things changes since i blog about FOOD.

Passion cames bigger and everything moves me to be another person. In this few years, I saw too much things in life. Many of old friends told me that they not travel as they save for gadgets and more the old aunties and uncles  which had retired told me more stories that they have regretted not travelling while they are young. Well, everyone have their own way of spending money. I do have friends that give up everything because travelling, and some save most of their money just to fly.

After things comes and go, I felt i am a LUCKY girl this year. Every year, we have been travelling but not just between states but we have travel to one overseas trip per year. And this year, i had done 3 travels outbound - overseas where one personal trip to JAPAN and 2 is with TOURISM MACAU and DRAGON CENTRE HK.

Well, much i learn in my trips not just instagram, facebook and blogging but i learned about people, places, culture, food and more.

My JAPAN Trip 
My Japan trip let me understand the culture,weather and food of the place. Their heritage and history thought them to be humble and hardworking, Their food which brings you good and delicious items but they are very specialized in their food. 

The story which is alike Malaysia, the busy streets of Macau, earning from the casinos, and also their high income life there. Surviving in Macau may not be easy. A city which never sleeps brings many fortune to some and maybe disaster to some ( due to gambling) and their heritage is well preserved. 

I love Hong Kong as many of us knows about the city via TVB drama or JACKIE CHAN. The city with vabriant colors, the concrete city which never sleeps. The busy city where there are many high incomes there but they hardly can afford to buy a home. We are fortunate as Malaysian where we can still own a house or a 800 sq feet apartments but in HK ; even a small apartment in less than 500 sq feet can cost millions. 

Looking at people, places, stories, you will LEARN how to IMPROVE yourselves, LEARN to be GRATEFUL  and many MORE.

We wish to VENTURE in cities, GET to KNOW more


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