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A Christmas Wish ..

Merry Merry Christmas 
and is time to build my want list for the year.. 

What I wish for my CHRISTMAS 


I am stranded with my i4 and i have another i5; being a fans of i-products, i have no regrets using them and now is time to upgrade my phone and it is for my work and instagraming.

2. Healthy Life - I wanted a Slow Juicer 

It has been a dream 1 year ago to get a slow juicer after hearing so much but price is indeed too expensive and now i rely on my normal juicer. Any sponsors?

3. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo Capsule Coffee Machines
Coffee is a great enjoyment and this coffee maker i heard so much and i am dying for one. I can make not just coffee but also milo and many more.

  EKM4000R Electrolux Mixers

Love baking and doing pasteries and may my Christmas blessed with a mixers so i can make my lovely cookies for the upcoming Christmas. 
A sewing machine so I can have some craft done. I love doing craft but it is kinda hard without the sewing machine in place.

Not but not least  a set of instax camera to have all lovely family picture to frame up.