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NovelPlus Draw Out More Than 230 Of Malaysian Independent Authors

NovelPlus, a creative publishing and reading smartphone app, have accepted and published more than 500 Malay-language fiction titles by Malaysian independent authors.

NovelPlus offer authors a fast, easy and free way to write, collaborate and directly publish their novel and distribute them to millions of avid readers.
Unlike the traditional route of self-publishing, NovelPlus removed the technology barrier through easy-to-use tools for publishing novel, making it easier for authors to focus on writing and reaching new readers.
“We’re thrilled to give back to the local literary community, to help aspiring writers hone their skills and bridge the gap between their masterpieces and keen readers. Not only that, the app also encourages feedback and interaction between readers and authors with the review and sharing features incorporated into the app,” said Dato' Lim Thean Keong, the founder of NovelPlus.
To date, NovelPlus have about 500 self-published titles by independent authors, and these contents are available for free to all NovelPlus users. The in-app purchase mechanism will be launched later on as more users get familiar with the app.
NovelPlus aim to do two things: helping people to tell their s
tories and then enabling them to share their work directly with their audience. With the advent of technology, reading has become easier than lugging a copy of paperback when you take the train to campus or work.
With the release of NovelPlus, which are available on Google Playstore and Apple App Store via, people are able to imbibe beautifully woven stories written by people just like them, and escape to another creative world through wonderfully rich story. It does not just end there.
“We recognised that storytelling is inherently social, hence NovelPlus allow readers and authors to share their stories on the fly, and invite others to enter into the same fantasy world,” said Crystal Lai, the General Manager of NovelPlus
Today, self-published books are widely distributed, but NovelPlus made it easier to do that specifically for the local community, with heart-wrenching, romantic and very relevant stories that speak to Malaysians.
“NovelPlus is the only app that publishes Malay-language novels digitally. The app has great readability and readers can turn the pages just like a book. In addition, NovelPlus often produce the latest “gempak” novels!” said Kieyah, popular author of Aku Bukan Cinderalla, available exclusively on NovelPlus.
About NovelPlus
NovelPlus was founded to encourage reading and writing among the local community. We believe everyone should be able to publish, share, and distribute creative stories that are read by avid readers. NovelPlus is built for the average Malaysians, who have a story to tell. By creating an easy-to-us and inclusive publishing ecosystem, NovelPlus have opened up the world of publishing to everyone who has access to the Internet and a passion to weave words together to form an engaging story.
NovelPlus, a creative and independent publishing platform, do not just allow a conduit between authors and readers, it also encourages reading among Malaysians by making it easy and fun.
Launched in 2015 , NovelPlus have now made more than 500 titles  available to more than 11,000 users.
To download the app: