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GrabCar Delivers Chinese New Year Tradition to Your Doorstep

Chinese New Year is all about tradition. Everything has a meaning and is symbolic to usher in prosperity. This year, GrabCar wants to deliver prosperity directly to your doorstep.

Exclusively on February 3, 2016, book yourself a mouth-watering and much talked about Ippudo Prosperity Yee Sang for only RM8.88 (n.p RM48 per box).

In addition to that, you may also stand a chance to have your Yee Sang delivered by GrabCar’s very own Choy San (God of Prosperity), who will come bearing good fortune in the form of “gold nuggets” (kam, also known as mandarin oranges) and ang pau packets.

To enjoy GrabCar’s “Ippudo Prosperity Yee Sang Delivery”, passengers only need to:

Step 1 Key in your location in both the pick up and drop off field in the Grab app.

Step 2 Select the special “Ippudo Yee Sang” icon.

Step 3 Pay with your debit / credit card and prepare to lo hei.

Made with fresh shredded vegetables such as cucumber, radish and carrot, Ippudo also adds their own distinct flair with pumpkin, beetroot, Japanese seaweed, deep fried ramen and tempura battered bits to cushion the fresh salmon and coated with their home-made honey lemon sauce, said Tsurayuki Oka, Ippudo Malaysia's Operations Consultant.

“GrabCar was introduced from the need to provide a convenient and alternative form of transport especially to those in high traffic areas during peak periods. As such, we want to provide the convenience to our customers to still enjoy the important tradition of lo hei (tossing of good fortune) with family and friends,” said a GrabCar spokesperson.