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This is a partially how it look like my new crib base on the show room. Shades of brown and grey. Overall, why I buy this crib? 

  1. Price and value of the home is something to consider and make sure you can support them once it is build. Always make consideration and think about future. Is not putting few hundred but it is few thousands for a crib. Expenses and think about inflation too. 
  2. Is not our first home though, and when we think about buying this of course we want a better comfort; bigger space as well as better environment
  3. Here, there is a huge lake view which comes with walk track, bird garden and etc which is just nearby. What? Let me think it maybe a "taman" in the city something like The Haven, of course exclude the huge million years lime stone. 
  4. So, now we need to see layout. True enough and what we had learn about buying a house . We are not really too much in feng shui but we also take care a bit of that. 
  5. Why i say layout? Our first home, we learned how to make our home bigger as it should be,how a design can utilized the space. Some of the things in our consideration. Don't judge on the show room, some maybe accurate and some may have plus minus 1 feet. So, put that into consideration when you buy your home.
  6. What is given and what is not given ? Make a note which I now always do, And make sure the developer put the things in black and white. That makes things clear and no argument further. 
  7. Go in to details, I learn to take pictures as sometimes there will be dispute in terms of tiles quality and etc. I learn to take more picture for my reference. 
This are some of the tips when I buy a home. Perhaps, I will share more tips of house checking, renovation tips and more when I have time to put them in words.

P/S: This is basically my thoughts only. Dont take it to yourself and perhaps a reference to house buyers. Maybe I am those kia su type of ppl. :P


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