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Interior Designer: Balcony

Since we had purchase a new home, we are now trying to get ideas and do budgeting for our new home. Hopefully we can make the budgets of renovation. Since we have a small balcony outside; and a great view so we are thinking of making a small space to sit down and enjoy the view during evenings.

I spotted this table in Ikea earlier  and it looks pretty good since the home theme for this round will be wood. My earlier home is BLACK and WHITE. Why is wood? Not because of fung shui but is just because the apartment we bought comes with 80% renovation done inclusive of room cabinets, kitchen cabinets and all. Since, it had complete with wood, we will just follow the theme to match them up.

Here are some ideas I saw in facebook where I am thinking to save them up and put them here for later days.

Should I have an artificial grass view ? 

And maybe add some small tiles is between

or a romantic corner similar to this. 

What do you think but this corner is pretty hard as at the back is the sliding door. Well, maybe we can think more when time goes by