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Chalk-A-tee NOW in Hamley!

Is family time today and we had spend our routine weekend with Grace in 1 Utama. After our review in one of the eateries in 1 Utama, we headed to Hamley the toy heaven for grace here.

We love going there as we found there are loads of new kids staff where you can buy there 

Chalk a tee is something we found during our exploration in Hamley this round. The personalized art tshirt for your family. 

This tshirt is where children or parents can draw the tshirt your own and you can  wear them together for outing and more. You can draw them using their chalk and it is only washable with water. 

Cool isn't it? They comes with many sizes from small kids to adults. 

You can get them at hamley 1 Utama and  it is priced around rm80 plus