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Wishing for some NEW kitchen Appliances

Well, this few days we are talking more about our new upcoming home and there are loads need to plan and do. I am telling darling that I need to work out on my blogs and hope there will be more sponsorship coming in for our upcoming home and perhaps on the things we need for our home. It had been tough sometimes when I had turned myself to be a full time bloggers.

I love baking and getting a good bake wear is not cheap. We spotted a few brands such as Kitchen Aid,or an Electrolux Kitchen Mixers that would help in my baking. With this, I will have more good stuff baked for my lil one.

Slow juicer is one of my aim too where I could blend a good nutritious juice for Grace.  Not looking at Kuvings as it is too pricey but if we have a Panasonic slow juicer or the Tefal Slow Juice is also good enough. If we can have Kuvings that would be a BONUS

We had been putting effort to work and save more so we can have more stuff and things sorted for our new baby home again.