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Babies are unique little beings, but they all share the same fundamental needs. They need love and plenty of affection in the early years to thrive and reach their full potential. They also need lots of sleep. Studies have shown that sleep corresponds significantly to growth in babies, and can influence their physical development, mood and behavior1,2. Yet, establishing healthy sleep patterns in babies can prove to be a challenge for many parents.  

Celebrating their signature initiative, Tollyjoy Baby Day, Tollyjoy Corporation joined hands with OrphanCARE Foundation to host an exclusive enrichment session for parents and their babies at The School, Jaya One today. As a special highlight of the event, Malaysia’s very first Certified Baby Sleep Coach, Ms Sarah Haris Ong was present to share her unique, research-based approach to overcoming baby sleep challenges.

During her session on ‘5 Steps To Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly At Night’, Ms Ong stated, "Babies need to feel connected, safe and reassured in order to have a good night’s sleep, which is crucial for their growth. As parents, we are responsible to support our children’s emotional wellbeing and create an environment conducive for sleep. Just ten minutes a day of one-to-one special time with our child may seem insignificant, but it can have a profound impact on how well our child sleeps."
According to Ms Ong, who is also an in-house sleep therapist at Sprouts (The School, Jaya One), bonding and sleep go hand in hand in fuelling a child’s growth, and much of what happens during the day can effect a child's quality of sleep at night. Hence, she propagates a holistic approach that helps parents establish a deep connection with their children through play, secure attachment and reassurance.

Speaking at the event, Mr Tan Wee Keng, CEO of Tollyjoy Corporation said, “It is the support of a parent and security of a family that provides a strong base for a child to explore the world, learn and grow. In line with this, we have extended our programme this year to demonstrate some exciting ways for parents to enrich their bond with their little ones. Our intention is to highlight the key elements of bonding, play and sleep, and how they work in synergy to promote a child’s development.”

Tollyjoy Baby Day was first launched in Malaysia in June 2015 as a special day dedicated to appreciate babies and to celebrate the significant journey of parents as they care for their little ones. Introduced as a signature initiative with OrphanCARE Foundation, Tollyjoy Baby Day celebrates the importance of family, love and care to every child, including the less fortunate.

Also present at the event was Ms Lari Cannon, Trainer, Adoption and Foster Care Specialist of OrphanCARE Foundation. She shared, “Our work is aimed at giving every baby a chance at a good start in life, and we believe that this starts with a family. Baby Day recognises the importance of this need, which makes our collaboration with Tollyjoy a very significant one. We are pleased to be able to come together again this year to be a part of this special occasion.
A non-profit non-governmental organisation, OrphanCARE Foundation aims to give every orphan and abandoned baby in Malaysia a loving home through their adoption services and extensive baby hatch programme.

“Parenthood may have its challenging times but it is certainly a rewarding experience if we make the time to connect with our little ones. Today is about appreciating their needs and the importance of our role as parents in encouraging their growth. Through this initiative, we hope to reach out to mums and dads, and continue to support them on their parenting journey. We also look forward to working with OrphanCARE to extend our care to those who are less fortunate,” Mr Tan concluded.

As part of the enrichment programme, guests were treated to an experiential Baby Carnival with fun games and activity booths. This included express pampering for mums, a play area for little ones, a themed photo booth, as well as a Baby Dress-Up Station displaying an array of popular items within the Tollyjoy range. There was also an interactive demonstration of sensory play activities by baby development specialist, Baby Sensory.
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