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New Home Rant: Spending and Budgeting with New Home

Since we had bought our new home, we started to think how to make up our house but being a cost conscious person, I had started doing some surveys on renovation cost, and check and also some details on the latest tech and everything. We are getting our new house key maybe end of next year estimation or perhaps later or earlier than that.

Things that I always will do is to make sure we get what we need and making the house beautiful as possible. There  are so many places you can get those mini stuff and I started buying my favorite needs now and so I can use them now and bring over to the new home too.

I know many of my friends will tell me, "Just Simply Buy First; Buy again when u move" but I think is like paying double. There is not everything you need to buy at one goal when you do your house moving. Right?

Some of the cheaper stuff like boxes and all will be purchased via taobao and Mr DIY. I had think how my store room will be and I started things i need to use now and can be used in the new home. Thats the way you can save a little.

There are times when you are moving to a new home ; there are loads of renovation you will do even though they had done 80% for you. What I can think off is includes

1) Rewiring: The area of plugs and more plugs you may need is not there
2) Most home now does not include ceiling fan so you need to make one
3) Plaster Ceiling
4) Paint/ Wall Paper
5) Grills
6) Water Filter

And you will need to buy some huge items of course; even you are moving your home. Example :
1) Fan
2) Stove
3) Beds (unless you want to bring over your old one)
4) Sofas

With just a few items; it will cost you a bulk in once. So, usually I will try to minimise on spending bulk in one shot by buying some when I need it. I welcome sponsors too